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Category:HWeb Dispatcher

Dead Head Setup

A vehicle is often described as being "Deadhead" when it has delivered clients to a location and is then returning to the garage or other waiting point, without any passengers on board.  Many transportation providers wish to track these "empty" returns as a separate trip or as a separate status.  It is then possible in the Hudson Dispatcher application to display Deadhead vehicles - vehicles which are potentially available for additional work if a last minute request or change is made.

It is possible to add a HotKey, Action Menu, or Command Button to the HWeb Dispatcher so that setting the status of vehicle to Deadhead is a quick and simple process. The steps below allow you to automatically create a separate Deadhead Trip for the vehicle so that it may be tracked and routed.  You may create several Deadhead items, which you may wish to do if you have several vehicle staging areas. This permits you to specify the location toward which the vehicle will travel when it is being Deadheaded.

To setup a HotKey:
Configuration > General Configuration > Hotkeys / Fast Info

  • Press F1 key to start new HotKey
  • System Profile = <Any>  (or other as desired)
  • Record type = Dispatcher hot keys
  • Shift/Control type = ex: Shift (select as desired, but avoid duplicating any other HotKey combination already in use). 
  • Function key =  ex: F5 (select as desired, but avoid duplicating any other HotKey combination already in use). 
  • Function = Vehicle Deadhead
  • Functional params = Are used singly or in strings to define WHERE the vehicle is going to when in Deadhead status. The Deadhead parameter string would be entered in this format:

A few examples:

To automatically create a Trip, for the vehicle, with a Deadhead status, you must also enable in the configuration:
Configuration > General Configuration > Advanced Configuration > Trip Edit/Create > Check "Autocreate Deadhead trip on clear"
Click  Apply & OK buttons to save your changes and exit the Configuration.