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View Deleting Removing an Online User Profile

Category:Web Reservation System

Deleting / Removing an Online User Profile


A client may intentionally or mistakenly create more than one online profile or User ID. In the event they, or you, wish to remove a duplicate account, this is easily accomoplished by one of your office staff who has Administrator or Login Priveleges on the Online Reservation Utility page.


  1. Login to your online reservation utility page. (Go to your online reservation entry page and change the last letters of the URL from /res to /resutil)
  2. Locate the left most Configuration column - find and click on Maintain Frequent User Profiles
  3. In the User ID field, enter the User ID that you wish to delete. (NOTE: Deleting a profile is irreversible. It may be wise to first select the ID and click EDIT SPECIFIED USER to ensure you have selected the proper account. Once confirmed, you may return to the Maintain User Profiles screen and proceed with the deletion.)
  4. Click Delete User button.
  5. You will receive a confirmation, in red text, indicating that the User ID and associated information has been deleted.