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View Discount and Gratuity Exception Strings

Category:File Layouts

Discount and Gratuity Exception Strings

Discount and Gratuity Exception Strings


Discount and gratuity exceptions are used with group profiles under the Payments and discounts tab in the HWebAgent profile configuration tool. These powerful exceptions can be used to adjust/override current discounts and or gratuities per profile.

Format: <type code>[:<discount|gratuity>][,<type code>[:<discount|gratuity>] ...

Type code


Flight types (where n= D(Domestic), I(International, O (Other), R(Request)

A,C,H, P

Location types (airport, corporate, hotel and place)


Direction types (where n=A (Arrivals), D (Departures) etc.)


Service types (alternate format)


Meet & Greet option (MN, MW, MS, M2, M3) **


Location key (either pickup or drop off)

Discount or gratuity value (rate)

Numeric value

Use the default discount or gratuity calculation method, but change the value


Force fixed rate calculation (when default is a percent), n is the fixed value


Force percent calculation (when default is fixed rate), n is the percentage value

No value specified

Assume zero value

Example 1.) P,C:10%,H:1.00,1:2.00

This indicates that places will have a value of 0, corporate locations will have a value of 10%, hotels will have a value of $1.00, service type 1 will have a value of $2:00. All non-matching criteria will use the default type and rate.

Example 2.) DA&S1:10,DD!S2:5

This indicates that arrivals AND service 1 will have a value of $10, departures OR service 2 will have a value of $5.

 Example 3.) DH:8*%HOURS%

This indicates that hourly reservations have a value of $8 per billable hour.

** The letter codes presented correspond to the following Pickup Extra configuration options:

  • MN - NONE
  • MW - Will Call
  • MS - Meet w/ Sign
  • M2 - Meet w/Sign2
  • M3 - Meet w/Sign 3
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