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View Display Available Seats for Line Runs

Category:HWeb Dispatcher

Display Available Seats for Line Runs

Availability of Seats on Line-runs

This article describes how to create a grid which displays the available seats on a line run.  This can be used to display the left over seats per run, per day, per week, per month, etc.  It can used as foresight into your future trips as well as research into your line run history. 
In other words, you can use this information to see how many seats you have available for a given date range.  This can red flag runs you may want to duplicate to allow for additional bookings.  You can also review the past runs and how many of your runs were full, empty, or any where in between.  You may decide that you want to increase or decrease the amount of runs or specifically certain run times, from the information you get here.

*You should not attempt this unless you are comfortable with creating and editing a dispatcher grid.

First I will go over editing an existing trip grid to display available seats on the line runs for "today". 

Using your trip grid:
1.  Right click on the grid header and choose grid properties.  Change the query optimization to none and click OK.
2.  Right click on the grid header and choose grid layout.  From the field name list find **Cust1, check the show box, and click OK.
3.  Right click on the grid header and choose grid properties.  Change the query optimization back to automatic and click OK.  Save the grid.
4.  Right click on the grid header and choose grid properties.  Click on the custom Fields tab, double click on the field definition, and enter the following then click OK.

5.  Click OK from the grid properties and save the grid.

6.  You can change the cust1 field header by right clicking on the header and choosing grid layout.  Under the Heading column choose the text you wish displayed (ie. Seats Left).
7.  ***You can also add a total row to the grid to view the total amount of seats left for "today".  Browse to the Aggregate function column in grid layout.  in the Cust1 row change the function to sum and click OK.

**If you are already using a custom field use the next available.  You must also be sure to define the correct custom field under grid properties.  If you use cust3 for your seats left field, then use the third custom field down when defining it in the grid properties (step4).
***You can change the position of the total row under the grid properties on the colors & Font tab.  The column is called total position and the settings are either above or below.

You can also create a grid that can display a date range.  This section describes how to create this grid and add the custom field seats left.

1.  Open a new trip grid and right click on the grid header.  Hide all the fields except the following:  MaxPassengers, PAX, Cust1,EstTripStart.
2.  Setup the Cust1 field just as you would with the previously described grid.  Set up the Total row on the top of the grid and add a sum aggregate for max pax, pax, and cust1.
3.  Resize the grid so that only the total row is showing.
4.  Right click on the trip start date and choose your date range.