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View Display Versions by System

Category:HWeb Admin

Display Versions by System

If you are the person responsible for keeping Hudson software updated in your local office, it can be a challenge to keep track of which workstations have been updated, and which may be running on an earlier version of HWeb.

Effective with HWeb version 1.86, there is now a tool that will allow you to display the version and build number of all Hudson software that is running on your network while logged into a single HWeb application. This tool will be of significant assistance to those who make frequent changes and installations to Hudson applications and to those who manage large networks.  The information displayed by this tool should be included in any communication you have with Tech Support when reporting a bug or issue with the software.

To open the Display Versions by System tool,  from within any HWeb product, Click Tools - Display - Versions by System. A User Information List will be displayed showing current software versions.
For each computer on your network, that has been logged in (but not necessarily currently logged on), you will see:

Comuter Name -  The Windows networking name assigned to that workstation
User ID -            Who is currently logged onto that machine
Last Updated -  The date/time that an HWeb application was last updated/installed
AppVersion1 -  HWeb Agent - version (build #)
AppVersion2 -  HWeb Dispatcher - version (build #)
AppVersion3 -    HWeb Admin - version (build #)
AppVersion4 -    HWeb Quick - version (build #)
AppVersion5 -  (for future use)
AppVersion6 -  (for future use)
UpdateRequest1 - (not currently used)
UpdateRequest2 - (not currently used)
UpdateRequest3 - (not currently used)
UpdateRequest4 - (not currently used)

It is important to remember that all workstations should be running the most current versions of HWeb applications available and that all workstations should be running the SAME versions of HWeb Applications whenever possible. 

Errors and problems may arise when you have and are using multiple versions of the HWeb products across your network. This is particulary true when you go into the Hudson configuration files to make changes.  If you make a configuration change on a machine running a new version of the application, and then go into the configuration file again on a mahcine running an earlier version of the application, previous changes may be lost.