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View Downloading an ALERT License


Downloading an ALERT License

After downloading / installing ALERT,  but before you can use the application, you will need to setup a license.  The license file unlocks the application and makes it useable.  This license file contains key information about your company / operation and may contain expiration date(s) depending on the terms of your agreement.  The license file that you download has been encrypted for your security but is decrypted by ALERT when installed.

The license file is quickly and easily downloaded via the Internet, but requires the assistance of The Hudson Group Tech Support as the license file must first be established on your behalf.

Once the license file has been created for you:

Login to the computer where ALERT has been installed
Locate and launch the Alert License shortcut (Icon looks like a padlock).
This shortcut is usually placed on your desktop during the installation process. If not located, you may also browse the computer and look in C:\ Program Files \ Hweb.

The utility once launched should indicate the path and directory where ALERT has been installed - please ensure this is correct. If not, please browse the computer to locate the proper drive and folder.

At the bottom of the License Utility window are two fields:

  • License code
  • Password
Enter into these fields the values provided by Hudson Tech Support.

You should now be able to launch the ALERT Application.

Once the license has been downloaded per the instructions above, it is advised to launch the ALERT application and view the license content to ensure accuracy.

Select Utility > About from the main menu bar of ALERT.
The license file will be displayed and should look something like:

This copy of ALERT is registered to:
ACME Limo Company
123  Main Street
PO Box 52
 MA 01254
Expiration Date - 06/01/2020
Company Code - XXX

Once verified that the information is correct, you may click OK to close the license window.
If any information in the displayed license is incorrect, please notify The Hudson Group Tech Support department immediately. The informaiton will be updated and you will be prompted to repeate the license download process above and then verify the information has been corrected.