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View Duplicate Reservations From the Web

Category:Web Reservation System

Duplicate Reservations From the Web

If you find yourself with duplicate reservations in your local system, that were made via the Hudson Web system, it is most likely due to one of two different scenarios:

  • 2 Incidents of HWeb Bridge Running
  • Manual Import via HWeb Utilities

2 incidents of HWeb Bridge running

The HWeb Bridge is an application setup on one of your workstations or on your network that polls, or scans, your web reservation server (hosted by Hudson) and checks for new reservations to download. Some Bridges are Real-Time, i.e. reservations are downloaded into your local system database the instant they are saved by the client. Other Bridges will pull the reservations from the web reservation server on a regular schedule. Typically this schedule is once every 10 minutes or so, but can be as long as once every hour, depending on your individual configuration. When the HWeb Bridge downloads web reservations, it leaves the original reservation on the web system as a backup, and creates a new reservation in your local system, assigning it a new internal ID, in addition to keeping the original Web Reservation ID in a separate field. Each time the Bridge downloads a reservation, it checks the local system database to see if it has been downloaded already (looks for the  Web Reservation ID) and then ignores it, if it already sees the reservation in the local system database. 

Your local office system should only have one incident / copy of HWeb Bridge running at a time. ** If multiple incidents of this application are running or if two were started at nearly the same moment, intentionally or accidentally, then it is conceiveable that BOTH bridges attempt to download a web reservation at the same moment. Because neither one of the copies had yet been "saved" in the local database, it is possible for the same reservation to be written to the local database - assigned different internal reservation numbers, but with the same Web Reservation ID.  One of the ways to determine that this is occuring is to view the History tab of the reservations where you will be able to see what time the reservations were imported to the local system. These times are likely to be nearly identical, but may  be off by a couple seconds or so.

**The HWeb Bridge application performs many functions in addition to web reservation import. It is very possible, even likely, that multiple Bridge applications are installed and running in your office (ex: one will usually be tracking your RLM FlightView data), but typically this bridge has a unique name, similar to FlightBridge, or similar. 

Manul import via HWeb Utilities

The HWeb Utilities application is not typically installed on most users desktop but is available on most systems in the Hudson / Shortcuts folder. The Utilities application is capable of manually forcing a download of the current days web reservation records, or the records for any previous day. In the event a web reservation were being downloaded by the HWeb Bridge as described above, and a user was using HWeb Utilities to manually download and import the current days records at the same time, it is possible to create a duplicate reservation in the local system. Again, they would have different internal reservation ID’s but the same Web Reservation ID. Checking the History of the imported reservations should again show nearly the same times, but very slightly offset from one another.

After reviewing the above information, you believe that neither of these conditions apply to your situation, then please submit a request for assistance to Hudson Tech Support, being sure to include in your request specific examples of the duplicated reservations.