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View E-mailing Invoices from HWeb Admin


E-mailing Invoices from HWeb Admin

1.  Creating Profile Contacts Types.


b.  In GROUPS box enter: profile contacts types

c.  Press tab button, then go to FILE/NEW CONTACT TYPE (F1).

d.  In CODE box enter: IX

e.  In DESCRIPTION box enter: Invoice auto email

f.  Click UPDATE and SAVE CHANGES TO DB, then close window.

2.  Creating Template.


b.  In TEMPLATE TYPE box enter: email invoice

c.  Press tab button, then go to FILE/NEW TEMPLATE (F1).

d.  In TEMPLATE ALIAS box enter: email invoice In TEMPLATE TYPE box enter: email invoice      

e.  Double click PRIMARY FILE box and choose file.  Double click HEADER FILE box and choose file. *   

f.  Click UPDATE and SAVE CHANGES TO DB, then close window.

3.  Adding new email contacts to existing profiles.


b.  Locate existing group profile**

c.  Click on CONTACTS

d.  FILE/NEW PROFILE (F1).                                   

e.  In CONTACT TYPE box enter: invoice auto email

f.  Then enter email address and any other contact information. F4 to save.

4. Sending Invoices.


b.  Click DISPLAY INVOICES and highlight invoices.

c.  Right click, choose PRINT INVOICES AS PDF AND EMAIL

d. TEMPLATE box shows email invoice, then click OK

*can change the default reply to by changing header text from <%replyto%> to <email address>

**email can have multiple recipients

**Note:  For this to work correctly you need to have mime enabled for email attachments.  To Check this go to TOOLS > CONFIGURATION > ADVANCED FEATURES > SYSTEM PROFILES.  You will need to check that EMAIL ENCAPSULATION is set to MIME.


Alternate Invoice Groups

Effective with version 1.93, the ability exists to create “Alternate” or ALT Invoice Groups.  These can be very useful for further categorizing invoice generation based on how they will be distributed. Examples include Print & Mail, Email, Electronic, etc.

Creating ALT Invoice Group Types is done in the Codes Table Configuration.  Enter Configuration area, Select the General Configuration option and then the Codes Tables ‘button.’  In the Groups drop list, locate and select “Alt Invoice Groups” and then press the TAB key to display any previously selected Alt Invoice Group options.  To create a new group, click the icon that resembles a blank sheet of paper or press the F1 key. Enter a one or two character code (e.g., EM, ML, FX, etc.) and then a brief description of the Group Type (e.g. Email, Mailed, Faxed, etc.).  Click “Update” button at the bottom.  Repeat these steps to create additional Alt Invoice Groups, or return here later to add others.  Click “Save changes to DB” button when you are done adding groups.

Once the ALT Invoice groups have been established (as described in preceding section) you can enable this per Group Profile.  To select or set the ALT invoice Group for a client, lookup their Group Profile and go to the Rules Tab.  Select the Invoicing Option.  In the Invoicing Rules area, locate the drop list for “Alt Invoice Group” and select the desired option.