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View EFax and PDF file to a Customer


EFax and PDF file to a Customer

This article documents the procedures that should be used if, for any reason, a customer requires an EFax sent to them with any type of reservation and or trip information.  This includes but is not restricted to a power outage, internet connection failure, RDP connection failure, term server down, or any other reason a customer may need reservation and trip information sent to them by Hudson.  In many cases there will be other means to correct the issue, however this is a sure way to get the customer the information they NEED as fast as possible.  The steps include:

1.  Turn On UniPrint print preview and turn Off dispatcher print preview.

2.  Print out the information.

3.  Save as a PDF file.

4.  Fax the PDF.

1.  Turn On UniPrint print preview and turn Off dispatcher print preview.

     a.  Right click the Uniprint icon on your desktop and choose Settings.

     b.  Under View be sure Preview with UniPrint is checked off.

     c.  Open the customers dispatcher on the server.

     d.  Click on  options and be sure Print Preview is NOT checked off.

2.  Print out the information.

     a. Find out exactly what it is the customer needs.

     b. Open grid

     c. Right click on PickupTOD and choose filter column to show the appropriate information and  press CTRL A to highlight all rows

     d.  Click on the printer icon to print the grid.

     e.  OR right click and choose print to print each reservation or trip individually using the res or trip templates that is configured.

3.  Save as a PDF file.

     a.  From print preview choose save as a pdf.

     b.  When printing a grid, only one PDF will be used.

     c.  When printing each individually, every reservation or trip will be a PDF.

     d.  Save the PDF file on your desktop.

4.  Fax the PDF.

     a.  Open an internet browser and go to

     b.  Enter the login ID and password.

     c.  Click on Send A Fax on the right of the screen

     d.  Enter the Fax Number you are sending to, name , company, subject, message, and attach the PDF file or files.