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View Employee Time Clock Function

Category:HWeb Agent

Employee Time Clock Function

Using the Time Clock function within HWeb Agent to track employee attendance and shift summary.

Tools - Config - Employees:  Add employees and employee data, update and save changes. Shift started or enabled????

If Employees will work regular scheduled shifts, these shifts may/should be entered into the HWeb system. This will allow for employee resource scheduling - office managers will be able to look forward and determine which employees are scheduled to be working on any given day of the week. Setting this up is a two step process:  Set up the Schedule, then build the Shifts.

If Employee shifts will be entered, before creating the shifts (described next paragraph below) go to the employee configuration - Misc Tab, and set the Start Shifts On date (may be set to current date, or the date when the employee will begin working the scheduled shift, to be entered in next section).

Building Employee Schedules: Tools - Configuration - Employees -
Highlight the employee for whom you will enter scheduled availability.
Go to the Schedule Tab
Click the White sheet button at the bottom of the Schedule Window.
Set the Day of week, schedule start and end time and schedule type.
Repeat process for remaining days of week that employee will work or be available for work.
Click Update, and Save Changes to DB.

Building Employee Shifts:  Tools - Configuration - Employee Shifts
Select Employee name from drop down list.
Click the White Sheet next to the X key - to create a new shift for this employee
Set the Start date of the Shift schedue (default is current date)
Set the End date of the Shift schedule.
If the employee belongs to a special group, that item may be selected
You MUST also determine the type of shift from the drop down menu, options include Normal,  AM Schedule, PM Schedule, and others).
The SCHEDULED Start and End times may be entered in the time boxes to the right, by direct time entry, or using the up-down scroll arrows at the side of the time fields. (note: these times are displayed n 24 hour format).
Click Udate and then Save Changes to DB.

Tools - Config - Advanced Features - Employee Tab: Place check mark next to Employee Sign in/Out enabled, and Allow employee to auto generate shift on sign in

Dispatcher - Tools - Dispatcher Tools - Employee Sign in-out
Select the correct employee from the drop down list
Click OK
Employee Shift Sign In Window:  Click Sign In-Out button to insert current Date and Time in the Shift Times, Start-Actual field.  Click Exit to clear window after signing in.  If Employee is "locked" for accounting, maintenance, or other reasons, this will be displayed at bottom of window and the Sign In-Out button will be greyed out and cannot be selected. This LockOut must be resolved and "cleared" from the Employee configuration profile before they may be checked in or out. (Employee Detail - Misc Tab)

Repeat the Dispatcher Tools - Employee Sign in-out process noted above and then click Sign in-out to end the employee shift.  The shift end time will be entered along with elapsed time (actually worked).

Using this same process, up to 3 break times may be recorded for each shift worked.  Use the same key stroke outlined above to enter the employees shift sign in window, but use the On-Off Break button to start and end break times.  When the Shift is later ended, the amount of time spent away on breaks will be deducted from their total work shift hours. (Example: An employee signs in at 10:00 AM and Signs out at 6 PM (8 hrs). The employee took one 30 minute break, and one 15 minute break during the shift. Total break time will be displayed as 45 mins, and the total shift time will be displayed as 7 hrs 15 mins ( 8 Hrs minus 45 minutes break time).