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View Enter Employee Profiles


Enter Employee Profiles

An Employee is anyone who works for your company. This can mean an office worker or a driver.

Select ADMIN / EMPLOYEES / EMPLOYEE PROFILE from the Main menu. The Employee Profile List will be displayed. See Profile Screen Buttons for an explanation of the tool bar at the top of the screen. You can toggle the sort order between last name and employee code by clicking on the Change Sort Order Button.

To enter a new employee, click on the Add A Record button, which will Display[lay a blank Employee Profile Screen. Enter as much of the employee data as you have available to you:

To edit an employee record, select the employee and click on the Edit Selected Record Button to display the Employee Profile Screen for the selected employee.

 You do not need to enter an Employee Code, the system will generate one for you when you save the employee record. Some fields in this data entry screen are required. When you are finished entering the information on the employee, click on the SAVE button or press <Alt><S>. If all the information is correct, the profile will be saved. If any of the fields that you have entered were incorrect or you did not enter information into a required field, you will hear a beep and the bottom of the Employee Profile Entry Screen will explain which field was invalid.

During your initial setup, Do Not Be Tempted to enter just a few employees and then move on to the next step unless you are just testing the system. All of your current employees must be entered into the System, because the Employee Profile is an intrinsic part of the ALERT System’s security routines. Only those employees that have been entered into the system will be able to use the system. This is explained further in Entering Users And Assigning Permission Rights.