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View Enter Users and Assiging Permission Rights


Enter Users and Assigning Permission Rights

The first step in entering new users and assigning permission rights is to log onto The ALERT System as a user with administration permission rights. A user with administration permission rights can access any part of The ALERT System.

 The first time you run the ALERT System you are presented with the Security Window asking for your User ID. The default User ID code is "USERID". Next, you are asked to enter your Password. The default password for user "USERID" is "PASSWORD". This default User ID code is user number one. User number one always has administration permission rights. Other users can be given administration rights, but user number one always has administration permission rights. We therefore suggest that the owner of the company or the manager in charge of it assign them self to user number one upon setting up the system.

To make yourself user number 001, select Admin from the main menu and then select Users from the sub-menu. Select user "001" and click on the Edit Selected Record button. Now change the employee code to yours by clicking on the Select button and select your own name from the employee list.

For more on setting up users and assigning permission rights, see User Administration.

Enter all of your users and assign their permission rights.