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View Exadigm Configuration for WiFi


Exadigm Configuration for WiFi

Subject: Exadigm Configuration for WiFi Modems

 Summary: This document outlines the step by step procedure for configuring the Exadigm                       hand-held Mobile Ticketing device, for transactions through a WiFi connection.








- Core: 0611011.20.000
- OS: 0691401785
- Modem: G (MW599400.000)
- Router: Linksys WRT54G or WAAV X2




<!—[if !supportLists]—>1. <!—[endif]—>Install Core 0611011.20.000

2. <!—[endif]—>Install OS 0691401785

<!—[if !supportLists]—>3. <!—[endif]—>Manually edit App.conf file with Merchant information, add WiFi communication values.

<!—[if !supportLists]—>a. <!—[endif]—>W_F Mode > Mode G

<!—[if !supportLists]—>b. <!—[endif]—>Conn Method > DHCP

<!—[if !supportLists]—>c. <!—[endif]—>Setup SSID > boltbus

<!—[if !supportLists]—>d. <!—[endif]—>Security > WEP

<!—[if !supportLists]—>e. <!—[endif]—>Device on/off > USB=ON, RF=ON

<!—[if !supportLists]—>f. <!—[endif]—>WEP KEY > supports both 64 and 128 encryption

<!—[if !supportLists]—>4. <!—[endif]—>Create a new Hudson Bind

<!—[if !supportLists]—>5. <!—[endif]—>Load Hudson Application

<!—[if !supportLists]—>6. <!—[endif]—>FFS_Erase

<!—[if !supportLists]—>7. <!—[endif]—>Set Terminal ID, Res #, and Log Level 31

<!—[if !supportLists]—>8. <!—[endif]—>Set SSID > xxxxxx, this setting gets removed during the FFS_Erase procedure and needs to be added again.

<!—[if !supportLists]—>9. <!—[endif]—>Reboot Device

<!—[if !supportLists]—>10. <!—[endif]—>Test WiFi connection> Main Menu> Admin Tools> Network Test> Primary Ping

<!—[if !supportLists]—>11. <!—[endif]—>Test all transaction types cash and credit card.