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View Exadigm Migration

Category:HWeb Mobile Devices

Exadigm Migration

Exadigm Migration / Update Instructions

may have been sent to this page to complete an Exadigm unit update and
migration process. This process is done to ensure that your unit is PTS
compliant and supports a new form of ssl (Secure Sockets Layer)
encryption protocol.

You must have a ‘Y’ serial cable which will be used to download the necessary files to complete the upgrade . If you do not
have a ‘Y’ serial cable, please speak with someone at Hudson Technical Support for
how to obtain this item.

Items colored BLUE indicate text that will be entered or keyed by the user.
Items colored RED indicate text that will appear or be displayed on a screen.

First Step - BACKUP!

starting the migration process, take the following three crucial steps,
as all data will be removed from the device during the update process:

  1. Download any reservations currently on your Exadigm device
  2. Upload any device logs
  3. Please record both the reservation number of the Exadigm unit, and the unit number itself.

Second Step - Setup

Follow the instructions below on how to download the software and files needed to perform the migration process.
  1. Go to the Hudson Client Center ( At the login prompt select the hweb user and the password is also hweb. Download the following files: Exadigm_Migration,
  2. Unzip both the Exadigm_Migration and
  3. Run the WinXDTools installation shortcut

Migration - Phase 1

  1. Select the PTS Migration shortcut from the desktop
  2. Go to Tools->Setup and enter the COM port of your serial port
  3. Select the download button
  4. Take the appc.v1.hudson.signed file provided by your Hudson Support Technician and place it in the unzipped folder
  5. Start up the new Exaflasher application (called WinXDFlasherS)
  6. Go to File-> Open and select the folder that you extracted Exadigm_Migration_Files to.
  7. Select all the files in this directory using the keyboard function Ctrl+A
  8. Select Open, you should now see all the fields in the WinXDFlasher app filled in. Check off ffs erase Press the Download button
  9. This will update the files on your Exadigm unit. Please be patient, this process takes approximately 10 minutes. You will know it has finished when a summary report box appears.
  10. Once this is done please reboot your unit by removing and replacing the battery then holding down the power button.
  11. You should now see a Cynergy logo followed by a notice saying System Booting.
  12. After that a message will come up saying “Empty File System. Press Enter to Initialize” Please hit Enter on the Exadigm unit.
  13. The unit should have a display saying Initialize. After which the Hudson application will launch. ( You may get a few Hudson error messages. Just hit enter until you get to the “Enter User ID” Prompt.
  14. Log in with an administrative user
  15. Go to-> Admin Tools reset the terminal id, reservation number, and set the log level to 31 (this is the information that was recorded back in the First Step at the beginning of the process) and verify all necessary settings.
  16. Go to-> Admin Tools >Exadigm Admin >Setup (password is 1234) > Abanco > Username (Enter username & select enter key) > Password.

Congratulations! Your unit has now been upgraded.