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View Extra Stops Charter Details Tab Coloring

Category:HWeb Agent

Extra Stops Charter Details Tab Coloring

Effective HWeb 1.88q (build 2606), HWeb Agent will  now display the Extra Stops / Charter tab in a dark blue color if there are any Extra Stops  OR if there is any information contained in the charter/Hourly Details field.

The intent of this new functionality is to visually alert any agent or dispatcher who may be viewing a reservation in HWeb Agent that there is either Extra Stop or Charter detail information listed on the tab.

In this manner, the tab shading acts in a fashion similar to the Notes tab.

The shading color of this tab (and the Notes tab) is user configurable and can be set by the user. To modify the color of the tab:

Tools\Configuration\Advanced Features - Colors & Fonts tab
Extra Stops / hourly indicator

Click the color field under the Value column, and to the right of the description field. From the displayed color pallette, select one of the Basic colors displayed, or slect Define custom colors button to design your own. For ease of Reading, lighter colors work best in that they allow the black font to show through and are more easily read. Click OK to accept the selected color and to return to the Advanced Configuration menu.

Note: the color of the Notes tab may also be set here, by locating the field description: Notes indicator, and repeating the steps outlined above. This results in the Notes tab being highlighted in the selected color if a reservation (or driver profile, vehicle profile, Invoice, Group Profile, etc) has an attached or linked note.