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View FlightView - What is it

Category:File Layouts
Category:HWeb Agent
Category:HWeb Dispatcher

FlightView - What it is


Founded as RLM Software in 1981, FlightView was the first non-airline organization approved to receive Aircraft Situation Display (ASD) data from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and went on to develop the first commercially-available radar-based flight tracking system. In 1996, FlightView brought real-time flight tracking to the Web, making current flight information available to the general public on one of the first commercial travel sites. Currently, FlightView is the recognized leader in providing the most accurate, real-time flight information solutions for the aviation and travel industries.

The Hudson Group and FlightView formed a partnership in 1993 after many Hudson clients voiced the desire to integrate FlightView’s real-time flight tracking and schedule information directly into the Hudson HWeb Agent and HWeb Dispatcher applications. Hudson software developers worked with FlightView engineers to establish a method whereby a reservations agent or dispatcher can send a query (request) for flight information on any specific flight directly to FlightView from within the Hudson Agent/Dispatcher software, with only a couple of key strokes. It is possible to subscribe directly to FlightView for the current version of their products.

Hudson programmers have also configured the HWeb Dispatcher software so that it will automatically track all arriving flights for the current day. As FlightView updates that flight information, the dispatcher’s screen will update as well to reflect flight status changes. For example, if an inbound flight is ahead of schedule, the pickup time for that reservation may display differently - alerting the dispatcher of the time adjustment. Once an aircraft has landed, the status / color of a reservation can change, alerting the dispatcher that this particular client will be looking for a pickup shortly. This information can then be paged or communicated to the attending driver(s).

Clients interested in integrating FlightView into their HWeb products should contact the Hudson Business Development team. A FlightView account will be established in their name. Billing occurs through The Hudson Group and becomes part of the monthly license fees. Please contact The Hudson Group for current pricing.  NOTE: Effective Spring 2013, FlightView data fees now cover all global airports and airlines, not just North American airports.

Currently, there are two FlightView packages available. The Basic package allows Hudson clients to obtain flight data for the current day and 24 hours into the future. the Advanced package includes the same current flight status updates plus the ability to do an additional 180-day look up of scheduled commercial airline flights. This advanced package allows reservations agents to confirm client flight schedules, numbers and times up to 180 days into the future.

Make sure you download and review the FlightView Brochure that is listed in the Attachments area at the top of this page.