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View FlightView Screen Shots Inside Hudson Applications


FlightView Screen Shots Inside Hudson Applications

File:Hudson - FlightView ScreenShots.pdf

The Hudson Group was an early integrator of RLM’s FlightView XML flight status tracking technology.  With this fe enhancement to Hudson’s Dispatch Application HWeb Dispatcher, transportation companies can now add real time flight status data to any part of their dispatch screens.  This same functionality allows Reservations staff to monitor, in real-time, the status of a clients inbound flight, from within the Hudson reservation entry system, HWeb Agent.

With the advent of RLM’s advanced schedule lookup feature, Hudson clients now also have the ability to lookup the clients flight details, while still on the phone with the client and entering the reservation. When clients call and provide the date of travel and the flight number, the agent can lookup the details in real-time and ensure that correct arrival and departure times are captured and auto-entered into the reservation. This greatly increases the accuracy of reservations, eliminating flight number or flight time errors.

Here are some representative screen shots of how FlightView has been integrated into Hudson’s Reservation and Dispatching technologies.

1)When reservations are being entered, an option pop-up screen allows the agent to enter the Airline and Flight number and the FlightView XML system will display the flight city and correct (arrival/departure) flight time. Clicking OK copies this data to the reservation template.


Here is a larger view of the Flight Information lookup window displayed above:


2)The flight details are displayed on a section the main screen for the Reservations staff to review and check at any time. Clicking the “ ? “ symbol to the right of the FlightType field allows the Agent to lookup the flight again and note any changes in arrival or departure time.


3)From within the Reservations system, an agent can look up the status of all flights for any airport, and airline as needed.  This is a wonderful customer service tool, allowing an Agent in say MFR (Medford Oregon), to be able to look up the status of their clients flight which is currently enroute to LAX….quickly and easily from within the clients reservation.


4)Full integration of real-time flight data is also included in the Hudson Dispatching system. Real time flight status for flights is obtained automatically, as often as desired. This data is then displayed on the Dispatchers screen and can be color coded, to allow dispatchers at a glance to see the status of all arriving flights.


5)Slightly closer view of the same flight fields.  Notice that the Scheduled PickupTime (oTime in this clients screen) is displayed just to the left of the Actual arrival time as returned by FlightView.


6) Hudsons Dispatch Screens are 100% customizable and are constructed according to the clients needs. Flight status can be included in multiple screens, and formatted in a variety of ways, as dictated by the clients desires.  Here are 2 separate and adjacent “grids” on a a Dispatcher screen, both of which are displaying flight status.


7)  And yet another clients customized view of live flight status….


8) Dispatchers can simply click on a reservation on the dispatch screen and force an immediate update of the status of that flight.  This is the window that opens and allows the Dispatcher to make an adjustment to flight information, if warranted, before getting an instant update.


9)  A default Flight Overview grid for the day, will display flight history, and current flight status for all arrival reservations for the day. This can be sorted or customized per airport, per airline, per flight city, etc.