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View Foreign Language Symbols and Characters

Category:File Layouts

Use of foreign language letters, symbols and characters in a csv file

If you are building a csv file that contains foreign language letters, symbols and / or characters, there are some specific steps you must use when creating and saving in order for the locations to appear correctly in the local system and on the web. 

Essentially, you must save the file and set the HTML Compatibility = UTF-8.

Open Office is the open source spreadsheet application that Hudson has on its cloud servers for clients to use when editing and saving their fare.csv files. Before saving your csv file, using Open Office, follow these steps to ensure the Character Formatting is properly configured:

From the Open Office application, select the Tools menu item and then Options.


Select and expand the Load / Save item on the directory tree.


In the bottom right corner, change the Character Fomat to ” Unicode UTF-8 “.

Click Save / OK.
Proceed to save the changes to your document.


For Users of MS Excel…

The following may help users of Excel. This has not yet been tested. Menus and Screen shots taken are of MS Excel for Mac 2011.

Before saving your document,  click Excel -> Preferences and then select the General item from the Authoring Section.


Select the button labled Web Options: This sets how your data will look when viewed in a web browser. NOTE: only effects the current document - this is not a global default setting!


Select the Encoding tab along the top. From the drop list, find and select the Unicode UTF-8 character set