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The Hudson HWEB Web Reservation
system will truly revolutionize the way that your company interacts
with groups and no matter what type of group you are working
with, Hudson HWEB has a solution for you.

Types of Groups
If your company is typical, you have a number of different types of groups that will benefit from your HWEB technology. Hotel, Corporate and Airline business, are in fact handles in much the same manner, but because each of these group types have specific configuration solutions that can be applied, they are each handled as separate support pages. This support page will focus on the visiting convention/meeting group.

Group Technology Revolution
The first thing that you need to focus on is that there has been a technology revolution which has affected groups that travel, put on shows and have annual conventions. Groups of all kinds are discovering that the Internet provides them with a fast, effective and cost efficient way of communicating with its membership. In many cases the monthly newsletter is available online, not through the US Mail, and that way groups are able to keep their operating costs to a minimum

What this means to you is that many of your groups are already in an excellent position to make use of your web reservation system. Yes, many groups were there before you were. Welcome to the new world!

What You Can Offer A Group
The HWeb Web Reservation system allows you to interface with today’s group and meeting planners and offer the most technologically advanced means of addressing group needs. You can do all of the following, and more, for your groups:


  • Create a Group Portal - This is a unique gateway into your reservation system that is customized specifically for one group. It can contain a customized greeting, logo, and custom colors that match the company’s logo or marketing web site colors.
  • Special Group Pricing - You can allow your groups, on a one-by-one basis, to have special discounts and pricing. You can even fine tune the discounts to only apply to specified services or service areas. Want to require credit cards for one particular group? No problem. Have a group that wants to be direct billed to an executive director that will pay for all of the transportation? HWeb can handle it.
  • Email Confirmation Copy - You can offer to send a “carbon copy” of each reservation confirmation, made on the groups pages, to the group coordinator.
  • Link to Group Portal - You can create links from the groups web site that go directly into the group portal which you have created. These links can tie into banner ads that many groups will gladly contribute space on their site for, as they provide a valuable service to their members.

New Possibilities for Group Marketing
Think of the options that you now have to offer groups. You can give them an online coupon, which they can post on their web site for those who are inclined to print it out and redeem it with your driver at the when they arrive. You can also offer prepaid reservations to be made at your web site. You might even consider varying the discount on the coupon and the web reservation. Perhaps a dollar off coupon vs. a two dollar discount for reserving online. Maybe even a three dollar discount for reserving a prepaid round-trip. You decide on the exact offer you want to make. Chances are that Hudson’s HWeb will support whatever discount formula that you want to offer.

Need Help Getting Your Group Portals Going?
Please contact The Hudson Group’s web marketing team who would be happy to assist you with the process. Call 978.531.1115 or send an email to