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View HWeb Agent Function Keys - HotKeys

Category:New Users - Start Here!
Category:HWeb Agent

HWeb Agent Function Keys - Hot Keys for Quick Lookup

HWeb Agent Function Keys

Make a new reservation

(Below functions are used to open checking the pricing and availability screen)

New reservation - F1 (check pricing & availability page)
New reservation with individual profile - Shift+F1
New reservation with group profile - Ctrl+F1
Return (roundtrip) reservation - Shift+Ctrl+F1
Quick reservation - F2
Advanced quick reservation – Shift+F2
Duplicate a reservation - Ctrl+F4


Modify an existing reservation

(Below functions are used after checking the pricing and availability screen)

Return to check pricing & availability page - F6
Access other products - Shift+F6
Set payment type to credit card payment - F7
Set payment type to cash payment - Shift+F7
Set payment type to prepaid payment - Ctrl+F7
Assign an individual profile (search by name) - F5
Assign an individual profile (search by telephone number) - Shift+F5
Assign a group profile (search by name) - Ctrl+F5
Assign a sales profile (search by name) - Shift+Ctrl+F5
Display confirmation screen - F8
Send email/fax confirmation – Shift+F8
Cancel reservation - Ctrl+Z
Clear screen (Discard reservation) - Ctrl+X
Print reservation - Ctrl+P
Update an existing profile from an existing reservation - Ctrl +U
Mark an arrival reservation “ready to go” - Ctrl + R


Save a reservation

Save reservation with confirmation screen - F4
Save without confirmation screen - Shift+F4

Locate a previously booked/cancelled reservation:

Find reservation (Search by reservation #, name, telephone #, or email address) - F3

Advanced find (Search by all of the above plus: credit card # & cancel #) - Shift+F3

Available functions after pressing F3 (or Shift+F3):
Ctrl + R – Display all arrival reservations for today
Ctrl +S - Sort grid contents
Ctrl +T - Display reservations for today
Ctrl +W - Increase field to widest point
Ctrl +< - Display 1 day in past
Ctrl +> - Display 1 day in future


Additional support keys

Create New profile - F9
Search for a profile - Shift+F9

Refresh configuration - F11

Display log - F12