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View HWeb Agent Quick Reservation


HWeb Agent Quick Reservation

HWeb Agent Quick Reservation

Traditionally a quick Reservation is created using the F2 function key in HWeb Agent.  In addition, hot keys can be created to perform specific functions in the Agent.

In the hot key maintenance, there are two primary functions for creating quick reservations.  Quick (New Quick reservation instant) and Quick 2 (New Quick reservation II).  In addition parameters can be added to these hot keys.

Return=r sets the hot key to create a return leg automatically.  When the first leg is saved, the fares and availability page is automatically opened on the flight date field.

Return=ro sets the hot key to create an open return leg automatically.  When the first leg is saved, an open return is created.

INITIALTAB=Passengers puts the cursor on the Passenger field in fares and availability when the hot key is used.  This is helpful when the name is Walkup, direction Arrival, and airport the only airport the company services.

DefaultName=1 sets the Name on the reservation to the default name in the configuration for Quick reservations.