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Category:HWeb Safety Net

HWeb Safety Net

HWeb Safety Net

From the moment you began entering reservations and client profiles, you also began creating a database of invaluable information that became critical to your business.  From the hundreds to tens of thousands of reservations entered or the accounting history associated with those reservations, is there any portion of that data that you could afford to lose?  What would you do if a natural disaster struck your area, if a virus, theft or vandal rendered your computer network unusable?  What if fire forced sudden and immediate evacuation of your building…before you had a chance to carry your last database backup or server from the building?  If something like this were to happen, how quickly would you be able to get back on your feet, view reservations, dispatch drivers and vehicles, access your trips for today, assemble tomorrows schedule, review invoices, view customer profiles, print trip sheets, etc.?  How much information would you lose?

If you are participating in the HWeb SafetyNet database backup insurance program, the answer to these questions is: You would be able to continue your business, same day, with little to no interruption in your normal work flow. Little or no data and information would be lost.

What is HWeb SafetyNet?
HWeb SafetyNet is an automated database backup system. The SafetyNet application is installed on your network file server and connects from once to several times per day (based on configuration) and uploads to remote, secure, mirrored locations all of your critical HWeb files: Fare and configuration files, CSV’s, client, reservation, trip, invoice, profile details; all the information that would be crippling to your business if ever lost or destroyed. Hudson staff monitors daily that the backups are being completed on schedule and immediately investigates any backup irregularities.

The SafetyNet program IS NOT intended to replace your existing backup system or procedure. It IS intended to augment your current backup system and help you to recover in the event that “what-if” worst-case scenario were to strike.

How does HWebSafetyNet work?
At a pre-defined time every day/night, any changes to your Hudson database(s) are noted, compressed, encrypted and then uploaded to the mirrored (dual) off-site and secure SafetyNet servers.  In the event of a computer failure in your office, you place a call to Hudson Tech Support, 24 hours per day.  The Tech Support team then begins the process of downloading and restoring your data to one of our online hosted servers. You will login to a Hudson server via Internet connection (2 login accounts provided at no charge). You are backup and running with the data that was last uploaded, having lost from a few minutes to several hours worth of information, depending on when your last backup occurred and when your server failure happened.  You can then view the current and next days work, while you work to restore your own network.

The SafetyNet system is intended to serve as a view-only platform that bridges that critical time from when your server goes offline to when it can be restored. It is not intended to take the place of your own back office system. Entering new reservations, generating new invoices, etc, is not recommended and could result in the complicated process of merging the online database with your original office database once your server is back online (additional support charges would apply).  In the event of a critical failure, you may continue to run normally on the Hudson hosted server at no additional cost for one week (5 days); allowing you plenty of time to relocate or establish a server.  Once your server is in place Hudson Tech Support staff will schedule a time to download and restore your online data into new your office server and can get you back running on your own again.

How much does HWeb SafetyNet cost?
Price for this database insurance program is dependent upon fleet and database size. Price range for most companies is from $50-$125 per month. Setup is quick and easy and can usually be completed within two business days from your request.  For pricing details, contact or call 585.419.9806 x190.

What if I am already participating in your Online Hosted Server program?
If the Hudson Group is currently hosting your HWeb applications on one of its online servers, then your data is already being backed up once daily (late night / early morning) by the HWeb SafetyNet program. Your HWeb SafetyNet subscription is included in the monthly license and hosting fees that you are paying.

What if I want to test the Backup/Restore procedure to ensure it is working properly?
The Hudson Group Tech Support department feels it is always prudent to not only have backup procedures in place but also to practice those backup procedures so that in the event of a problem or disaster, you will be best prepared to respond.  To that end, we highly recommend conducting a Failover Test once every 12-24 months.  This test will be scheduled at least two weeks in advance by contacting the Hudson Manager of Tech Support and Systems Engineering. This test should not interrupt your daily business routine or operation in any manner, but will allow you to participate in and confirm the success of the backup and restoration process. During the Failover test, Hudson will:

  • 1.  Download your most recent SafetyNet Backup to one of our online hosted servers (NOTE: the time to download and restore your database can take from several minutes to a couple hours, depending upon the size of your database).
  • 2.  Build a new SQL database on the server. Extract, decrypt and restore the backup data to the new database.
  • 3.  Build and test 2 new user server login accounts
  • 4.  Build new Windows desktops, along with familiar HWeb application shortcuts.
  • 5.  Add required printer drivers to online server
  • 6.  Build new hweb.ini file that points the shortcuts to the new restored database
  • 7.  Update configuration settings as needed (smtp server, cc connection settings, etc.)
  • 8.  Test all application shortcuts to ensure applications run properly (NOTE: some functionality may be unavailable during online hosting, such as Faxing, HWeb InfoView, etc.).
  • 9.  Contact client with new login information. Work with client to login to Hudson server, open applications, test printing, etc.

Multiple members of the Hudson Technical Support department will participate in any failover test which can last from 4-8 hours, beginning to end. The cost of a failover test will be equal to 5 (five)  hours of Tech Support time. The actual cost being determined by the hourly rate in place at the time of the test. Charges for a failover test may also be charged against a pre-existing Tech Support account, which is the least expensive method for covering development and support costs.

HWeb SafetyNet is a database insurance system that can answer the question of what you will do when the unexpected occurs to your business.  Securing of your business data. Protecting the interruption of your business. Bringing you peace of mind.  HWeb SafetyNet will catch you if you fall.  For more information or to subscribe, please contact The Hudson Group at 585.419.9806 x190 today.  Because the unexpected can occur at any moment…. 

If you don’t think you need SafetyNet or some reliable back up system,  check out this video on CNN before you leave this page!  Click Here.