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View HWeb SafetyNet - Restore Procedure

Category:HWeb Safety Net

HWeb SafetyNet - Restore Procedure

Client Restore Procedure

1.) Open HWeb SafetyNet
2.) Select Retrieve View
3.) Select Explore another account’s files on left hand side (Press Update Account List enter ID for local SafetyNet)
4.) Locate customer name (enter our password)
5.) Select files for restore (HWeb,Shortcuts,file from Backup)
6.) Press Retreive Now
7.) Date Encryption Key (found in password protected Zip - or on CRM page)
8.) Download to D:DownloadsClientRetrieve[client id] CHECK - Retrieve original directory structure
9.) Copy HWeb, Shortcuts, etc files from D:DownloadsClientRetrieve[client id] to D:HudsonSafetyNet1 (be sure SafetyNet folder is clear first)
10.) Locate SQL Backup in D:DownloadsClientRetrieve[client id] Restore into SQL (DBs are written to D:MSSQLData as Safetynet1_data.mdf and SafetyNet1_log.ldf
11.) Go to the security tab check the safetynet1 DB, ensure user has database access to safetynet (public, DB_reader, DB_writer
12.) Edit INI to reference new folder names and Server Connection String Info
13.) Edit INI add - ConnectionString=Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=SERVERNAME;Initial Catalog=SafetyNet1;Integrated Security=SSPI;Persist Security Info=False
14.) Edit HWebAgent and HWebDispatcher shortcuts - D:HudsonSafetyNet1Shortcuts to reference new folder names
15.) Enable Safetynet1 user (uncheck ‘account is disabled’)
15.) Change password of Windows logon account SafetyNet1
16.) Provide password to customer