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View HWeb iQuick Configuration Options

Category:HWeb Mobile Devices

Things You Can Do to Change the Appearance of HWeb iQuick

Before you begin…. while many of the changes below can be made by Hudson clients, it is likely that after you complete the change, you will not be able to see it immediately. This is because the web reservation site caches or ‘saves’ the settings and refreshes automatically a few times during the day. If you would like to see the results of your work or ensure it looks correct, please submit a support request to Hudson and ask for them to “refresh your web reservation site cache.”  Once refreshed, the changes should be immediately visible.

Adjust default Weave pattern (on the front page and login page)

The default weave pattern can now be turned off by going to your main web reservation site and adjusting one of the tokens. After logging in to the web reservation site, select Favorites—> Token Configuration. In the list of available tokens locate and select IQUICK_PATTERN_OFF.  Type the word “NONE” or any other word, symbol or value into this token string field. Click Update to save changes.

If your desire is to change from the Weave pattern to some other Image or background, then open the token IQUICK_PATTERN_URL as described above and enter into the token an image URL. This would be the place on the web (or your web reservation site / images subfolder) where the background image has been stored.

A note about images and patterns:
Any repeating pattern, no matter the dimension, should work. If it’s a non-repeating pattern, like an image, Then the height should be 210px (pixels). The width is variable because it depends on screen size of the device (ex: iPhone compared to iPad). Any images should not depend on a set width. One thing to note is that the image will be repeated when its screen width has been reached so the width of an image should be fairly high if you do not want the repeating “effect.”  Repeating patterns may be created and may be found online. For examples of free patterns, please visit:

Home Button Configuration

The Home button (in the upper toolbar) can now be configured to direct the user to a custom URL by setting the IQUICK_HOME_URL token. After logging in to the web reservation site, select Favorites—> Token Configuration. In the list of available tokens locate and select IQUICK_HOME_URL.  In the space available, enter in the complete URL of the page or site that you want mobile users to be directed to. This might be your main or primary web marketing site, or some other appropriate site.  The URL should be entered in the format of:

I Need a Ride…

The default text on the iQuick home page, above the first two horizontal bars is “I need a ride…”. This text string may be modified to something different, such as “I require transportion” or “I wish to make a reservation” or similiar.  To adjust this text, you need to login to the main or primary reservation utility page and go to the Favorites Tab and then select Token Configuration.  Click the button to create a new token and enter the Token name: IQUICK_CAP_NEEDRIDE.  In the String field enter the replacement text to be used.  Click the update button to save the new Token.  If the new text does not appear, you may need to ask Hudson Tech Support to “refresh the rails cache” of the server that your website is hosted on.

Currency Symbol

The currency symbol for your iQuick site is pulled from the configuration of the main web reservation site. If the currency of your iQuick site is not correct, check the web reservation utility page, and look at Token Configuration. Look for and adjust, or add a new token: CURRENCY_SYMBOL.  Into the string field, enter the appropriate currency symbol that should appear on the main site as well as the iQuick site.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are displayed on a separate page within the iQuick application. There are 2 tokens that control the display of terms and conditions information:
IQUICK_TERMCONDDESC: The terms and conditions label that will appear next to the “Yes / No” toggle button (ex: I agree to the terms and conditions”)
IQUICK_TERMCOND_CONTENT: the terms and conditions content text that will appear when the user selects “View Terms and Conditions”. If this token is missing or empty, the “View” button will not appear.


Profiles can be utilized in iQuick when passed in the URL

Other Misc Tokens

IQUICK_LOC_CONTENT_SEARCHBOX:  updates the location search page search-box content.
IQUICK_AIRPORTS_LIST_MAX: This token determines at what point the airport list turns into an airport search. Useful when the provider has a long list of airports being serviced.  If using this token, set the value equal to the maximum number of airports allowed in the configuration before changing to a search box instead. If this token is not defined, the value is defaulted to 5.
IQUICK_CONTENT_LOGIN: Controls the content displayed on the top of the login page.
IQUICK_APP_ICON: Controls the image / logo / icon displayed.  See this article for more information: HWeb iQuick Logo Override