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View HWeb iQuick iPhone Reservations

Category:HWeb Mobile Devices

HWeb iQuick iPhone Reservations

HWeb iQuick - Receipt Screen - how to customize

The final page, known as the Receipt Screen, that is presented in the iQuick reservation process shows the Reservation number and a link back to the welcome screen inviting you to place a new reservation.   It may be desirable to insert company name and contact information on this page so that client will know who to call, if there is an immediate question.

To insert information, you first need to create a custom token on the web utility site.
Favorites Tab > Token Configuration > Add New Token

The Token name must be:   IQUICK_CONTENT_RECEIPT and should be set as a User Defined Token.

Into the "String" area you may enter free-form text / HTML that can display your desired message.

The following sample text will insert centered company contact information:

<center>Transportation provided by:<br>
Thank you for your business!</center>

Other text or tokens may be inserted on this screen… but remember that the amount of available "real estate" or space on the screen is limited.  Keep your message brief and to the point.