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View How Do I put an Account on Credit Hold

Category:Hweb Agent

How do I put an Account on Credit Hold?

Placing an account on Credit Hold.

You may have a Group Profile (account) which has an overdue balance, expired corporate credit card, etc and you may wish to put the account on Credit Hold.  The process is very easy:

Open HWeb Agent, Dispatcher or Admin.
Click Tools Profiles Edit Existing Profle   (Or use SHIFT + F9)
Browse for and locate the profile that you wish to modify
Once the Profile is open, go to the BILLING tab
Place a Check mark in the box next to CREDIT HOLD
Save the profile changes

When trying to save any future reservation under this profile, a warning message will appear:
Group NAME OF GROUP (ID#) is on credit hold, please select another method of payment.

NB: A user who has been granted Special Edit Mode priveleges, may use Special Edit Mode to override the credit hold feature.