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View How can I Set Gratuity for a Single Service for One Direction Type

Category:HWeb Agent

How can I Set Gratuity for a Single Service for One Directions Type

Question:  Is it possible in the HWeb Agent to include an automatic gratuity for a specific service but only for certain directios? For Example: can our luxury sedan service have 0% gratuity for Departures and Arrivals, 15% for Point to Point and 20%  Charter or Hourly?

Answer: Yes. You CAN set gratuity by service and directions. This is done using what we term Gratuity Exceptions. Using the specific scenario in this question this is how it would be addressed.

For Service Type Luxury Sedan, set the default gratuity to PERCENT 15.  In the exceptions area, enter the following:

(This represents:  DirectionArrival=0%, DirectionDeparture=0%, DirectionHourly=20%). 

Although the instructions in this next article are more Group-centric rather than Service-centric, additional information and examples may be found here: