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View How do I Add Command Buttons to Dispatcher Grids

Category:HWeb Dispatcher

How do I Add Command Buttons to Dispatcher Grids?

Adding Buttons to Grids in HWeb Dispatcher

Background information:

It can be difficult to fit all the data that you want to see into the HWeb Dispatcher desktops you create; space can be quickly consumed and desktops can become “cramped” or cluttered. Additional data can be quickly accessed through custom HotKeys or the use of FastInfo menu items.  While this is helpful and fairly efficient, it can complicate the dispatch training process as screen actions are not necessarily intuitive or obvious.  Adding command buttons to your grids addresses this challenge.

You can now embed “buttons” into grids that will allow you to quickly launch grid actions and commands that before were achieved only through HotKey combinations or mouse generated menus. The result is a more intuitive dispatching process; making it quicker and easier to learn how to dispatch. 

You can use a mouse in the standard fashion to click a button and perform the programmed action.  If you are displaying your Dispatcher desktops on touch screen monitors, similar to what you would see at an airport self-service kiosk, you can now touch a reservation or trip with your finger to highlight and select it and then touch a button on the screen to complete the action. This reduces or even eliminates the need for a mouse. If using a touch screen, you could simply touch a reservation with your finger and drag it onto the desired trip, then touch the Start button with your finger to complete the process.

Examples of actions that can be programmed for an on screen button are: Start / End a trip, Locate/Map a vehicle, Page driver/vehicle, Add Reservation to Trip, Assign Vehicle/driver, Adjust PickupTime, and many, many more. 

For help in adding buttons to your grids, read the section below.

How to Add Command Buttons to HWeb Dispatcher Grids

PreRequisite:  You should be running HWeb Dispatcher 1.89a or later. Your software database version must be at level 131 or higher.  For help in determining or updating your DB level, please contact Tech Support.

There are 4 key steps involved in adding Buttons to grids:
  1. Determine the buttons desired
  2. "Build" the buttons and groups in HotKeys / Fast Info configuration
  3. Add the buttons to your Grid
  4. Adjust Button height, color, fonts, etc.

Determine the buttons (and groups of buttons) that you will want/need in your grid(s)

You may for example want to segregate the buttons into several "groups" based on the grid they will be assigned to. For example, you may put Assign Driver, Start Trip, End Trip, Adjust Passenger Count buttons into a single group named TripButtons.  You may then create an additional group, name it VehicleButtons, and add Page Vehicle, Map/Locate Vehicle, Vehicle In/Out to that group.

Build your buttons

Create the Buttons in HotKeys/Fast Info (Some buttons may only work with Reservation / Trip / Vehicle or Driver Grids)

Tools / Configuration / Hotkeys-FastInfo
  1. Click File - New
  2. System Profle:  default (for most users)
  3. Record Type:  Dispatcher Command Button
  4. Group name:  ex: TripGridCommandButton (if needed)
  5. Caption:  type the SHORT label for your button (Trip Start (or Start), Trip End (or End), Assign Driver (or Driver), etc).
  6. Priority:  Display rank.  1 appears at top,  higher numbers at the bottom.
  7. Function:  Select the appropriate Dispatcher Action Menu desired from the list.
  8. Click UPDATE
Return to Step 1 and repeat the process for additional buttons, making sure that you use the same Group Name (step 4) if you want to create a group of buttons that will all appear together in a grid.  This Group Name will be recalled in the next step.

When all buttons have been built (you can revise the list later), click UPDATE and then Save the Changes to DB.

Add buttons to the Grid

Open HWeb Dispatcher and the grid you wish to add the buttons to.  (NOTE: Buttons that do Trip Start, Trip end, Trip Cancel, Trip Create, etc will only work when added to a TRIP Grid.  Buttons that perform Reservation commands, will only work in Reservation Grids, and so forth).

  1. Right Click on one of the grids column headers (ex: TripStartTime)
  2. Select Grid Properties
  3. Locate the Custom Menu Tab
  4. Command Buttons Field: Insert Group Name from #4 (build your buttons section) above. The Group Name should appear in the drop down menu.
  5. Save and reload the grid to view the new button(s)

Customize the appearance of your buttons

  1. Right click on one of the grid column headers
  2. Selet Grid Properties
  3. Locate the tab labled Colors/Fonts
  4. Scroll to and adjust:
    • Button Default Background Color
    • Button Default Foreground Color (=Font Color) 
    • Button Height
    • Button Width
    • Button Separation (=vertical spacing between adjacent buttons)
    • Button Border
  5. Click OK to save Changes.

Testing your Buttons
Use your mouse to select a reservation or trip in the grid and then click each of the corresponding buttons to test for desired functionality and results.

If you have a Touch Screen monitor, you can now use your finger to select a reservation or trip and then touch the button to perform the desired action.

If you are having trouble constructing or troubleshooting buttons, please contact Hudson Tech Support.