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View How do I Add Items to the FastInfo Menu

Category:HWeb Dispatcher

How do I Add Items to the FastInfo Menu?

Within the HWeb Dispatcher application there is a Menu Bar option titled FastInfo. When a dispatcher clicks this link a drop down menu will appear showing links to commonly needed or viewed grids and other system information. This part of the Dispatcher system is completely customizeable and should be used to create shortcuts, or links to information that dispatchers need quick access to, but perhaps not wish to have continually displayed on the dispatcher or computer desktop.  Adding items to this drop down menu is quick and easy. Note: You need to have the User Access Privelege for "General: Hotkeys and fastinfo maint" enabled in order to add or modify FastInfo menu items.

Let’s use the following Example: You have already created a custom dispatch grid file (gdf) called Cancellations_Today.  You want to add a quick link to the FastInfo menu, so that a dispatcher may quickly open up the Cancellations_Today grid, without having to go through the normal File - Open - Templates procedure.

  1. Determine the name of the grid you wish to open (ex: Cancellations_Today.gdf)
  2. Open HWeb Dispatcher and click Tools-Configuration-Hotkeys+FastInfo
  3. Click File - Add New Hotkey
  4. In the HoKey+FastInfo details box, set the following:
    1. System Profile = <Any> (default, is usually fine)
    2. Record Type = Fast Info menus
    3. Caption = Enter text name for the shortcut on the menu (ex. Cancel Today)
    4. Priority = #. Where you want this to appear in a list of multiple items. 0 is default setting for all. 1 is at the top of the list.
    5. Function = File Open
    6. Function Parameters = path and filename from step one at top, of the file or grid to be opened. If you do not have the path and filename, you may doubleclick anywhere in this box and you will be taken to the Templates folder in you HWeb directory on the server. You may then browse to and highlight the desired file name.
  5. Click Update and then Save Changes to DB.
  6. Press F11 key to refresh the configuration.

Your new shortcut should now be displayed when you click FastInfo from the HWeb Dispatcher Menu bar. Clicking on the FastInfo menu item should open your desired grid or file.  You may repeat the process outlined above to add items to the FastInfo menu.