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View How do I Add a New Airline to my Reservation System

Category:HWeb Agent

How do I Add a New Airline to my Reservation System

Adding an Airline to your reservation system is very straight forward an is accomplished in the following steps:

  • Locate and edit the airline.csv table
  • Import the revised file using HWeb Utilities.

Locate and edit the Airline file

  • Locate the folder on your server named: Hudson - CSV’s
  • Locate the airline folder for the airport that you need to modify (ex: the airline file for Los Angeles would be laxairlines.csv, Boston would be bosairlines.csv, etc.)
  • Open this file, using Microsoft Excel or other similar spreadsheet application
  • Browse to the bottom of the list and add the name of the new airline, as you wish it to be displayed to your Agents (suggest formatting as preexisting airlines are formatted for consistency)
  • Enter the same name 3 times across the row. (The reason for the 3 times is to support a future feature that we have not yet deployed.)
  • Once editing is complete, save the file in CSV format (CSV stands for Comma Separated Values)

Import the revised airline file using HWeb Agent

  • Open HWeb Agent
  • Select Tools - Configuration - Application Configuration - Fares and Scheduling tab - Airlines button.  Go to Tools - Import airlines.  Choose your airport.  Browse to the Hudson - CSV’s folder and locate your airline file.
  • If you want to delete an airline you have to go to Tools - Clear airline table before you Import the updated airline.
  • Press OPEN.
  • After that is complete, close out the configuration and F1.  You will see the new airline.

or Import the revised airline file using HWeb Utilities

  • Open HWeb Utilities
  • Select Functions -  Import airlines (naming of the menus may not be exact depending upon your setup).Browse to the Hudson - CSV’s folder and locate your airline file.
  • Press OPEN.
  • IMPORTANT: When prompted answer YES to append.  (Answering NO will erase every airline for EVERY airport)
  • After that is complete, you should be able to open a new Agent (or F11 an open one) and see the new airline.

To update the web reservation system with this airline

  • Open and login to your online web Reservation Utility  page.
  • Use the BROWSE button to locate your airline CSV file on your local server
  • In the DB type  field, enter the file name again, but in the following format: AIRPORTCODEairlines.db  (i.e. laxairlines.db).  The DB name must be in all lowercase letters.
  • Now select the file type ‘Airlines’ (IMPORTANT: do not check ‘Import and replace database’ 
  • Press UPLOAD.