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Category:HWeb Dispatcher

How do I Add or Configure Pagers

Pager Device set-up

The Hudson Group software can communicate (send messages to) with any type of SNPP or SMTP supported device.

In order for the system to be able to communicate with a paging device, each paging device needs to be set-up in the system, using ToolsCofigurationCommunication Devices on Hweb Agent or Hweb Dispatcher. For each paging device to be contacted by the system each device must be uniquely identified and set-up in the system. For each device at least Name, Pager Number, and Pager Connection string need to be entered in the system.

  • Name     is the unique name “Name” given to each specific device used by the system     to identify as, send data to;
  • Pager     Number is the actual unique phone number of the communications device;,     also the front end component of an E-mail address (if e-mail address is aaaaa@yyyyy.zzz, aaaaa can be entered     here);
  • Pager     Connection string is the connection string used to connect to a     communications device type:

A paging template (xxxxxxx.txt, where xxxxxxx= template name) needs to be created and saved in templates sub-directory. First line of template must be blank followed by carriage return, on next line enter tokens. It is a good idea to separate tokens with asterisks (*).It is recommended that a Paging sub-directory be created and all paging templates be saved there.

After a template has been saved, using ToolsCofigurationTemplates on Hweb Agent or Hweb Dispatcher, create the new entry for it in the Template list. Under the General Tab, enter:

Template alias - ( for example arrival-page, paging, etc);

Template type - select Reservation Page from drop-down list box;

Primary file - double click on field and select paging template (previously created, see above);

Secondary File blank

Header file blank;

Description - enter short description of template for future reference (for example Driver paging template);

Under the Match Keys Tab, enter:

  • Match     Key 1 – enter direction to match;
  • Match     Key 2 – blank;
  • Match     Key 3 – blank;
  • Match     Key 4 – blank;
  • Match     priority – enter match priority number sequence, starting with 1 (zero);

All fields under Miscellaneous leave blank.

When all entries are complete for a template, click Update and the Save changes to DB.

When all templates are finished…


On Hweb Dispatcher open desktop:

  • Select     Drivers Grid display Grid Layout, and check PagerID to show, then Apply     and OK (enter).
  • Select     Trips Grid, display Grid Properties select Templates Tab, using only     Alternate (detail) drop-down list box select paging template name, OK     exit:
  • Select     Reservations Grid, display Grid Properties select Templates Tab, using     only Primary drop-down list box select paging template name, OK exit:
  • Refresh     system (F11).


Hot Keys can be used to create canned pages, using ToolsCofigurationHotkeys/Fastinfo on Hweb Agent or Hweb Dispatcher, create a new entry :

<!—[if !supportLists]—>· <!—[endif]—>System profile – leave <All profiles>;

<!—[if !supportLists]—>· <!—[endif]—>Record type – leave <All types>;

<!—[if !supportLists]—>· <!—[endif]—>With the General Tab selected enter:

<!—[if !supportLists]—>o <!—[endif]—>System Profile – leave <Any>;

<!—[if !supportLists]—>o <!—[endif]—>Record type – select Pager quick keys, from drop-down list box;

<!—[if !supportLists]—>o <!—[endif]—>Caption – enter name of caption (for example Call Base);

<!—[if !supportLists]—>o <!—[endif]—>Function parameters – Enter text to be displayed in message, ( for example: Driver, call base on land line, etc.);

<!—[if !supportLists]—>o <!—[endif]—>Description – Optional;

<!—[if !supportLists]—>· <!—[endif]—>All fields under Miscellaneous Tab leave blank.

<!—[if !supportEmptyParas]—>

To use:

  • Shift+Right-click     mouse, from menu select assign pager, (to driver or vehicle depending on     grid),;
  • Select     pager from menu of drivers or vehicles, click OK.

<!—[if !supportEmptyParas]—>

To send free style pages:

  • Right     on drivers or vehicles and enter free text on message area.

<!—[if !supportEmptyParas]—> <!—[endif]—>