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View How do I Disable a Line Run for a single day

Category:HWeb Dispatcher
Category:HWeb Agent

How do I Disable a Line Run for a Single Day?

If you use Hudson’s Line Run technology to manage the capacity of your vehicles, it is extremely simple to disable or turn off any single, or group of line runs for any given day/date. 

For Example: We wish to operate on a reduced "Holiday" schedule on December 25. We need to eliminate every other line run into and out from the airport. This is accomplished  quickly in two steps:

1) Locate each line Run (arrival AND departure) to be disabled
2) Enter a Date Exclusion in the frequency of each line run

Open HWeb Agent and go to Tools - Configuration - Line Runs.  Within the Line Run Configuration window, locate and highlight the first Line run to be disabled.

Opposite the line run, is a window labled "Frequency"
Click the Icon above the Frequency window that looks like a blank white sheet of paper
A New line should appear in the Frequency window - highlighted in yellow.
Double click the word "include" in the Type Column - change it to EXCLUDE
Double Click the word "monday" in the Target column - change it to DATE
Double click the blank field in the Date Column.
From the Calendar that now opens, browse to the month / day you wish to disable (Ex: Dec 25)
Double click the date.
Click UPDATE and then Save Changes to DB.

Repeat the process for all other Line Runs to be disabled.

When you next go into HWeb Admin and select to Generate Line Runs,  when the system goes to generate line runs for December 25, it will see that some are to be EXCLUDED on this date, and this run(s) will not be generated.

NOTE: Excluding Line Runs for December 25 will NOT prohibit a Reservations Agent from entering a Reservation for this date or time, if the Line Runs have not yet been generated! A good way to prevent unwanted reservations at this time is to immediately generate your line runs from the Admin FOR THE ONE DAY (eg: Dec 25) as soon as your holiday schedule is set and as soon as the Line Run Exclusions (outlined above) have been configured.

An alternative to this is the use of Exception Records. Exceptions are used (in part) to disable service types, directions (hourly, ptp, charter, arrival, etc) for specific days, times of day, locations, airports, etc. Exception Records are not designed to manage or restrict Line Runs.