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View How do I Display a List of Online User Profiles

Category:Web Reservation System

How do I Display a List of Online User Profiles

Displaying details of online user profiles.

A client may ask you at some time to help them find or remember the online profile ID they crated for themselves.  If you have administrator level priveleges in the online system, you can easily determine that information.

Login to your online reservation utility system.
If you do not remember the address (URL), then go first to your online reservation screen.
At the end of the web address is .../res
Change this to .../resutil   and then press the enter key
At the login prompt, use your online login name and password.
From the main utility menu, look down the left column and find MAINTAIN USER PROFILES

In the blank space under the Date field, enter a single   *
Press the Radio button to select PROFILE NAME
Select SUMMARY or DETAIL depending on how much information you wish to see.
Click on View Users to see the results.