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View How do I Enter an Affiliate Profile


How do I Enter an Affiliate Profile

With the ever expanding popularity of networking with other transportation companies so that you may arrange services for your clients in both your home and the client’s destination markets, also comes the need to track your network affiliates.  By adding affiliate profiles to your Hudson database, you can assign work in other cities to your affiliates, and even send the reservation / booking details to these affiliates electronically.

Entering an Affiliate Profile

  • Open HWeb Agent
  • Tools > Profiles > Create New Profile (Also:  F9 Key)
  • Expand the drop list next to the Profile Type field label.  Affiliate should appear here as a type. Select it and then press Tab key to move to the Name field. (NOTE: If Affiliate does not appear as a Profile Type, look below to the section titled: Adding "Affiliate" to the profile type listing.)
  • Continue entering information on the remaining tabs within the Profile Configuration dialog window, in the customary fashion. Often the information within an Affiliate profile is cursory or basic contact information only. 
  • The tab labeled "Affiliate" contains fields that will be populated only if you are linking to their fare databases, web reservation site(s) or are doing electronic reservation exchange.  For assistance with this information, if needed, please contact Hudson TechSupport.

When the information is complete, press F4 to save your affiliate profile. You will now also be able to create grids in the Dispatcher application and view and assign affiliate profiles to reservations.

Adding "Affiliate" to the profile type listing.

If you do not have Affiliate as an available Profile Type, follow these quick steps to add it (Requires administrator level privileges).

From any of the Hudson applications:

  1. Tools > Configuration > Application Configuration > General Config > Codes Table
  2. In the "Groups" drop list, locate and select Profile Types
  3. Press the Tab key to display a list of Profile Types
  4. (Assuming "Affiliate" is not present…)
  5. Press the F1 key  OR
  6. Click the icon resembling a blank sheet of paper
  7. Enter the following:
  8.   Code = A
  9.   Description = Affiliate
  10. Click Update and Save changes to DB buttons
  11. Exit the Application Configuration menu
  12. Press F11 to refresh your current configuration.

Affiliate will now display as a Profile Type.