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View How do I Export Client Mailing List

Category:HWeb Admin

How do I Export Client Mailing List

You may use the HWebAdministrator application to export profile information from the database. The information may be saved in *.csv format (Comma Separated Value) which may then be used with many other word processor, spreadsheet, or database applications for importing and manipulation.

  1. Open HWebAdministrator
  2. Locate and open the PROFILES folder
  3. Select Export
  4. You may elect to export a single zip code by entering the zip code in the appropriate space. Leaving the Zip Code box blank results in all zip codes being exported.
  5. Click the Execute button at the bottom.
  6. A window opens allowing you to determine where you want to save the exported csv file and what you wish to name the exported file.  If desired, you may also change the file type to Text (*.txt).
  7. Click SAVE to begin the export process

Once the export process is complete, you may browse to the location where the file was saved. You can open the file for viewing using a simple text editor such as Notepad or Wordpad.

If you wish to search the database for profiles that come from more than one zip code, the export process must be done a single zip code at a time. Placing a check mark in the box labled: Append to the Exisiting File, on the second and subsequent export, will allow you to add profiles to the list from as many specific zip codes as desired.