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View How do I Void or Cancel an Invoice


How do I Void or Cancel an Invoice?

Voiding an Invoice in HWeb Admin

After the time and careful effort it can take to create an invoice, it is conversely quick and simple to void an existing invoice in the system, if needed.  Voiding of an invoice can be done in the event that you discover errors after printing and posting an invoice, but before mailing an invoice to your client.  If Invoices have already been sent to a client, voiding of an invoice should be done with caution as all reference to the mailed invoice will be erased during the voiding process.

Should you wish to void an invoice and remove from the system:

  1. Login to HWeb Admin application
  2. Select Tools / Admin Tools / Invoicing
  3. Locate the field label InvoiceID.
  4. Click the button displaying " ..." to the right of the field, to display a list of invoices in the system. Alternatively, specify the Group Name first and then click the button "Display Invoices" to see the invoices already generated for a specific group.
  5. From the list of invoices displayed, highlight the desired invoice(s) with the mouse and then right click the invoice(s) you wish to cancel / void. Select the option: "Void selected invoice(s)"
An alert will display:
This operation will VOID invoice ## and reset the billing information in all of it’s reservations so they can be assigned to another invoice. This operation cannot be undone.

Click OK to Void the Invoice(s) or Cancel, to stop the request.