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View How do I add a Comment or Message to an Invoice


How do I add a Comment or Message to an Invoice?

After generating invoices, but before posting and printing them, you may add custom comments to each one. The comment will print at the bottom of the invoice detail. Messages are limited to 255 characters/spaces.  Ex:  New Bus has been added to fleet. Call for pricing!

You may view/open each invoice separately and type your text directly into the Comments Field in the Invoice Details box. If you are creating a single message that is to be placed on multiple or all invoices, it may be easier to save the text in  MS Word, notepad, or wordpad, and then use the Copy and Paste commands to enter the information more quickly in the comments field for each invoice.  Once an invoice has posted, the comments field may not be edited.

In development: a way to create a single message (comment) that is automatically included on every invoice generated. The message may be changed or customized as often as desired.