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View How do I get Files and Reports from a Hudson Hosted Server to my Office PC


How do I get Files and Reports from a Hudson Hosted Server to my Office PC?

Currently, for server and user security reasons and to prevent the spread of viruses,  files, reports and documents you may export from HWeb applications to your desktop, or other location on a Hudson hosted server may not be emailed. 

The best way to retrieve or move files from a Hudson Hosted server is through the use of an FTP site, if you have one, or a similar service provided by third party vendors. One such free application is Yahoo Briefcase: Yahoo Briefcase Once an account is established, you connect to it from the Hudson server via Internet Explorer, Mozilla, or other Internet Browser.  You follow the onscreen instructions to select and then upload your file into your Yahoo Briefcase account. 

The second step is to login to your Yahoo Briefcase account from your local (home/office) PC, and then download the file to your local machine.

To speed the transfer of any files or reports, Hudson suggests using WinZip to compress files.

Should you need assistance transferring other files to your local system, please contact Hudson Tech Support.