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View How do I use FlightView in Agent and Dispatcher

Category:HWeb Dispatcher
Category:HWeb Unassigned

How do I use FlightView in Agent and Dispatcher?

How to use FlightView in Agent

For New Reservations:

Begin your new reservation entry in the normal manner .
(NOTE: If you have the 90 day advanced schedule look up feature enabled. there is a slight difference in the sequence:

From the Fare and availability screen you will enter the Arrival Flight Details, including:
(The time field will be skipped)
Flight Type
Flight Number (just the flight digits - no letters)

After you tab or move out of the FlightNumber field, there will be a momentary pause (hour glass icon may appear) while the system goes out to FlightView System and looks up the schedule for this flight.  If a valid match is found, the system will automatically populate the Flight Time field and the Flight City field.  If no match is found, it will return you to the Flight Time field where you may manually enter the arrival time provided by the client).

Enter the number of passengers and Generate the Fares and Pickup Times. Select the appropriate service type and desired pickup time and click OK.
Once you are returned to the Reservation Details Tab, you will note your flight information is now displayed in the lower left corner of the reservation table. 

Clicking the "?"  next to the Flight Type field, will allow the Agent to do a query and check to see if the flight information is valid.  When the General Flight Information window opens, you can reenter the data that has been entered into the reservation, and then click GET STATUS.

The system will send a request for flight information to FlightView and the closest match will be displayed in the dialog box. This can be compared against the flight information entered on the reservation. If the flight information is incorrect or incomplete you may see the message: No Real time information is available for this request.

For Existing Reservations:

Open any existing reservation in Agent.
Once you are on the Reservation Details Tab, you will note flight information is displayed in the lower left corner of
the reservation table.

Clicking the "?" next to the Flight
Type field, will allow the Agent to do a query and check to see if the
flight information is valid.

If you have the basic FlightView package, you will only be able to verify that flight information is correct for 24-48 hours into the future. Checking the status of any flight further out than that will result in the message:  No Real time information is available for this request.

If you have the Advanced package with 30 advance look up enabled, you will see the proposed or scheduled flight information displayed, if the flight information is correct. If the flight information is incorrect, or longer out than 30 days, you will see the message: No real time information is available for this request.

How to Use FlightView in Dispatcher

FlightInfo Grid

Hudson has built a standard flight information tracking grid as part of its standard installation. This grid will serve as a sample of how flight data may be viewed and integrated into Dispatcher grids and desktops.  If the FlightInfo.gdf file does not exist in your system, contact Tech Support to have it downloaded.

Open up Dispatcher
Click File Open and browse to the Templates Support folder.
Locate and click on FlightInfo.gdf. to open.
This grid file will show all arrival reservations for the current day.
If the automated query system is functioning, the individual rows will be one of several different colors:
Green - Indicates flight has LANDED. Actual wheels-down time will be displayed
Blue - Indicates flight is IN AIR. Estimated Arrival time will be displayed
Grey - Indicates flight is PROPOSED (not airborne) - Scheduled Arrival time is displayed
White - Indicates flight has not yet been checked, OR flight information may be incorrect.
Generally, the HWeb system will frequently check for all inbound flights due to arrive sometime within the next 3 hours. If the arrival time is more than 3 hours away, the row will be white because it has not yet been checked.
If the flight is within the next 3 hours and the row is still white, this may be due to inaccurate flight information. Open the reservation, and review airline, flight number (1-4 digits only - no letters or leading 0’s), flight city, etc. If necessary, confirm correct information with the airline or via airline web site. Modify the information in the reservation and re-save if necessary. If flight information is correct, and the airline name is different or unique, it may be that the airline needs to be added to the airline.csv table in the HWeb folder. Call Tech Support for assistance with this task.

Any one or more flights may be manually updated on the FlightInfo grid, by following the procedure outlined in the section below.

Any Hudson Grid or Desktop

Open up whatever desktop or grid you are using to view todays arrivals and/or departures.

From within any RESERVATIONS grid,:
Left click on a reservation to select it (it will be highlighted)
Right click on the same reservation
From the drop down menu, select Flight Information
Confirm that the details are correct and then click GET STATUS.
The Real time status for that flight will be updated and displayed.

From within any TRIP grid:
Double click a trip to Open
Once the individual reservation(s) are displayed, you may follow the steps above to right click on any one reservation and select Flight Information.

To do a quick lookup on any given flight:
Click Tools Dispatcher Tools Flight Information
Enter the specific information regarding the flight you wish to look up.
Click Get Status when finished.
Your real time flight look up will be displayed.
If the information is incorrect, or does not match FAA records, you may get the message: No Real time information is available for this request.