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View How do I use the Additional Billing Details field in Agent

Category:HWeb Agent

How do I use the Additional Billing Details field in Agent?

There will be times when you have a corporate account/group profile, where you wish to require a Department Number, Cost Center#, Billing Code, or other piece of information to be entered into each reservation before it may be saved.

Setting this up is a two-step process:
1)  Setting the configuration to require the Field to be completed
2)  Configuring the text prompt for the Additional Billing Details field on the Reservation

Requiring the Field to be completed.

  1. Open any HWeb product and click Tools - Configuration - Fare and Services - Payments Tab
  2. Locate the column labled "Addl billing info required"
  3. For each payment type you may select from one of the following:
  • Always - Additional details will always be required in order to save reservation
  • Warning - System will ask for, but not require, additional billing details before saving
  • Never (default setting) - No additional details are required
  • By Group - Additional details will be required, if the Group Profile is setup accordingly.
In this example, I will set the Direct Bill to "By Group" . This will make it necessary to enter Additional Billing information for all direct bill reservations, if the Group Profile requires it.

Configuring the Text Prompt

  1. Open HWeb Agent and click Tools - Profiles - Edit Existing profile (SHIFT + F9)
  2. Locate and open the Group Profile you wish to require Additional billing information for.
  3. Go to the Billing Tab
  4. Locate the field labled: "Dept/Billing details (default ChargeTo)"
  5. Inside the empty field, and enclosed in {  },  enter the text you wish to have displayed as a prompt for the information to be entered during the reservation process. Ex:  {Cost Center #:}  By placing this text in the field, you are now flagging all reservations that are direct Billed to this group profile to require a Cost Center #, before the reservation may be saved.
  6. If you wish to require the field to be completed, but want to leave the default hudson caption beneath the field on the reservation screen, simply enter {}  in the empty field.
  7. Save the changes to the Group Profile and exit.

Testing the setup

  1. Begin a new reservation using the Group Profile previously modified.
  2. After completeing the Fare and Availability information as well as client name and pickup/dropoff information, try to save the reservation using the F4 key. Any fields which the system has been set to be required, but which have not been completed, will prompt you to complete them before saving.  One of these should be the Additional Billing Information field. When you are presented with this field, the text underneath the field should be blue in color and will say: Cost Center#, suggesting to the agent that they need to ask for this from the client.
  3. After entering the cost center information into the field, the reservation may be saved.