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View How to Build Invoice Groups


How to Build Invoice Groups

To create Invoice Groups, first open HWebAgent (or HWebAdmin) select TOOLS > CONFIGURATION > APPLICATION CONFIGURATION.  Then click on the CODES TABLE button.  From the pull-down menu select INVOICE GROUPS, press tab.  If you are prompted immediately with a "do you wish to save changes" answer NO at this point.  There is a minor bug that prompts a warning before it should.

After you have select INVOICE GROUPS, press the TAB key.  There should be no invoice groups in the list at this point.  Press the NEW key (white piece of paper).  Now on the right side of the screen put in a 1 to 2 digit code.  For example if you wanted a weekly group you might put in a W as the code.  Then put in a Description (ie Weekly).  Press UPDATE and SAVE CHANGES TO DB for each Invoice Group you want to create.  Once completed, close the window my pressing FILE then EXIT.

Now press F11.  Go to TOOLS > PROFILES > EDITING EXISTING PROFILE.  Locate a profile you want to add to one of your newly created groups, select the RULES tab and then the INVOICING button.  On the invoicing page select the appropriate invoice group, then press F4 to save.

To run invoices by invoice group, go to HWeb Admin, select INVOICING, TRIAL DETAIL, BY INVOICE GROUP ID.  The creation process is the same using the BY INVOICE GROUP menu item.