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View How to Build Profiles in the Hudson System


How to Build Profiles in the Hudson System

*************THIS ARTICLE NOT FINISHED**************

Building profiles in the Hudson system, whether Local or Web is an invaluable way to both speed the reservation recording process as well as ensure a very high degree of accuracy and consistency with reservation details and client data.

We will look at the Profile section of the Local system, one tab at a time, field by field, to review the information that may be entered when building and and saving profiles.  If you prefer a Quick Overview instead, please follow this link to review a shorter and less detailed article.

Prerequisite: Before you can begin, you must have been assigned the privilege to build or create profiles within the HWeb system by your system administrator.
Tools > Configuration > User Access - Look for the Privilege named- Profiles: edit or create groups

Building Profiles
From HWeb Agent or HWeb Admin:
Tools > Profiles > Create New Profile  (or press F9 key)

General Tab

  • Profile Type
From the drop list, select the type of profile being built. This very important first step will effect what additional tabs, and fields you can or must populate while building your profile. For very brief overview of the different Profile Types in the Hudson system, please follow this link.  The profile types available for selection:
  • Affilliate
  • Charter
  • Group
  • Individual
  • Sales
(NOTE:  Depending on the Profile Type selected here, many other tabs and fields that follow may be hidden from view or greyed out and not selectable. This indicates information that is not needed for this particular type of profile.)
  • Name - Enter the name of the person or company that the profile will be called by. (Ex:  John Smith,  ACME Widget Manufacturing,  Milkmen of America Conference, etc.)
  • Telephone - Enter the primary phone number for the entity ‘named’ in the field above.
  • Alt Telephone - an Alternate Telephone, or mobile (cell) number may be entered here.
  • Fax Number - enter the accounts Fax number here if known.
  • Email address - primary address where confirmations will be sent.
  • General Comments - (local to profile) - These remarks will be available to reservations and dispatching staff but are not included on reservation forms, are not included driver communications or on client confirmations.  These remarks are typically reserved for ‘internal’ company use.  EX:  This client prefers a quiet and non-talkative driver.
  • Special Instructions or Notes  (included in reservation) - Remarks in this field are usually meant to appear on every reservation. They may be included on driver trip sheets, paged reservation details or event on client confirmations.  Ex: Bottled water and New York Times Newspaper on every trip.
  • Alias (Web ID) - When building profiles you may also specify a special or unique WebID for the client to use when making their reservations online. Typically reserved for Group and Charter profiles this can be alphanumeric and is typically uppercase. Ex:  1DISC248. 
  • NoExport / Export - Set to ‘Export’ if you wish to enable the uploading of profile details, including the Alias / WebID to your Hudson web reservation system. Note:
  • Group Type -
  • Date Field - 
  • Group Membership -
  • Salesman -

Billing Tab

Will only be visible for Affilliate, Group and Sales profile types.
  • Billing name
  • Contact name (attn:)
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code
  • Country
  • Dept/Billing details (default Charge To)
  • Dont allow direct bill (discount only profile)
  • Credit hold
  • Credit memo
  • Payment Terms
  • Client ID

Preferred PUD Tab

  • Airport
  • Pickup / dropoff location
  • Preferred pickup / dropoff address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code
  • Map Info
  • Directions / Cross street

Res Preferences Tab

  • Rider Type
  • Service
  • Payment
  • Preferred driver
  • Required driver rating
  • Required vehicle rating
  • Driver Exceptions
  • Service Extras
  • New Reservation Password
  • Fare Table

Credit Card Tab

  • Credit Card List
    • Primary
    • Type
    • CCNum
    • MM/YYYY
    • CC Name
    • CC Address
    • Zip code
    • CVV
    • CC Type
Rules Tab
  • General
    • Credit Card Required
    • Convert direct bills to credit card on WEB Import
    • WEB Reservations Only
    • Disable auto link to this profile
    • Require individual, charter or location profile
  • Discounts
  • Alt Discounts
  • Gratuities
  • Fare Components
  • Hourly Rates
  • Invoicing
  • Other exceptions
  • Special Info
  • Service Override

Affiliate Tab

Contacts Tab

  • Contact Type
  • Name
  • Telephone
  • Alt Telephone
  • Fax Number
  • Email Address
  • Authorized
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip code
  • General Comments

  • WEB Logon message
  • Web password: an optional password that client must enter before being able to enter new reservation (Group Profile only)
  • Admin passcode: an optional password that a client would use to access the Client Center, online reservation management tool
  • Lead Time Adjustment
  • Cutoff time or relative value
  • Cutoff scale
    • days if before
    • days if after

History Tab

Membership Tab

Notes Tab

(Click the white square icon to begin a new note)

Dates Tab

 Click Tools > Profile Date Types   Then add or build date types as desired

Info Status Tab