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View How to Build Profiles in the Hudson System Quick Overview


How to Build Profiles in the Hudson System

This quick overview will include only the key information needed to get a new profile into your Hudson local system software.  A far more detailed review of each tab and the fields contained there may be found by following this link.

By entering information into these fields and storing as part of a profile, much of this will automatically populate during the reservation process, simply by selecting the desired profile. Therefore, the more information saved in the profile, the more information that will appear by default in your reservation.

The absolute bare minimum information that must be entered:

  • Profile Type
  • Profile Name
Pressing F4 at any time will save the new profile.

Generally recommended Profile details:

  1. Login to HWeb Agent or HWeb Admin
  2. Tools > Profiles > Create New profile  (or F9 key from the Welcome screen)
  3. General Tab
    1. Select Profile Type - most common types are:
      1. Individual - passenger information
      2. Group (company or billable entity)
    2. Enter Name - Required Field
    3. Phone
    4. Email address
    5. Special Instructions - will appear on each reservation
  4. Preferred PUD Tab (PUD = Pick Up Defaults)
    1. Set preferred or default Airport
    2. Set preferred pickup location (typically home or business city / town)
    3. Enter Address for the preferred pickup location
    4. City - State - Zip code
    5. Directions / cross street - to help driver locate address
  5. Res Preferences Tab
    1. Rider Type (Normal, VIP, Employee, etc.)
    2. Service (default vehicle or service type (ex: private sedan))
    3. Payment Type (default or preferred pay type)
  6. Credit Card Tab
    1. Enter from one to many credit cards here that MAY be used to pay for travel. When booking a reservation you may look up the list and select an alternate.  The ‘primary’ or default card of choice should be checked.
  7. Web Tab
    1. Web Password (optional): A password that a client will need to provide before they can enter a reservation via the web.
    2. Admin Passcode (optional, Required for Client Center use): A password that will allow a user to access the Client Center, web based reservation management system.
  8. Save / Upload the profile
    1. Individual profiles:  Press F4 to save / close the profile.
    2. Group Profiles:  Press SHIFT + F4 keys to save profile but leave open.
      1. After saving the group profile, click  Tools > Update the web.  This will upload your group profile information and configuration to the Web Reservation Site.

Note:  If you are entering a reservation for a first time client in the HWeb Agent application, depending on your system configuration, a profile will be automatically created for the passenger when the reservation is saved.  If your system is not configured to automatically create profiles for new passengers, you can ‘force’ the system to create a new profile at any time during a reservation using one of 2 options:

  • Option 1:  Press CTRL + U keys during the reservation (near the end)
  • Option 2:  From the Profile / Group Tab, click the button at the base of the screen: Create user profile from reservation.