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View How to Change the Name of a Service and Passenger Limits on the Web

Category:Web Reservation System

How to Change the Name of a Service and Passenger Limits on the Web

It is easy to set / change the displayed name of a service on a web reservation site (and portals).

Login to the Web Site Utility page and select the Services Tab to edit and revise service configuration settings. Select the service to be edited.  Look for the string contained in the Service Description Field near the top of the page:  Here are two (recommended) options:

  • %SVCDSPNAME#% service for %PAX% passengers
  • %SVCDSPNAME#% service for up to %MAXPASSC#% passengers

span style=“color: rgb(0, 0, 204);”>(NOTE:  The " # " symbols above would be replaced with the appropriate service number being configured)

The  %SVCDSPNAME#% Token  inserts the Display Name text, which is also defined on the top of the Service Configuration pages.

The  %PAX% Token inserts the number of passengers that the client has selected on the first page of the booking process.

The %MAXPASSC#% Token inserts the maximum number of passengers that the vehicle will handle (NOT the number of passengers specified by the client on the previous page).  This maximum passenger limit value is defined a bit further down the page of configuration options for each Service.