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View How to Configure an Online Portal

Category:Web Reservation System -> Portals

How to Configure an Online Portal

Portal Configuration Outline

Below is a general outline of steps to follow in creating a web portal and the links that you would send to a client. They are provided as a guideline to those that have completed the Hudson Portal Training, but still need a little help in remembering the steps and/or the correct order in which a portal is constructed.

  1. Using your HWEB AGENT, create a group profile in your LOCAL SYSTEM. Make sure that you assign an ALIAS(WEB ID) and change the NO EXPORT option to EXPORT using the drop list.

  2. Save, but do not exit, the profile.

  3. In the profile select TOOLS/Update Web to load the profile to the web system.

  4. Open your Mozilla "Portal Configuration Workplace"
      • TAB 1 - Retail View
        TAB 2 - Utility View
        TAB 3 - Utility View
        TAB 4 - Web Reservations Support

  6. Open target portal in TAB 3
  7. Copy desired fields from TAB 2 to TAB 3
  8. Copy graphic string (logo) from email into GROUP LOGO field
  9. Save changes (UPDATE) in TAB 3, your new portal
  10. Change copy and colors in TAB 3 - new portal
  11. Complete changes to new portal and update
  12. In TAB 1, make URL in address field match appropriate PORTAL LINK KEY. Press ENTER (keyboard) to test.
  13. Open Mozilla COMPOSER (just above START in lower left corner of screen)
  14. Create link copy
  15. Create hyperlink for each line of link copy
  16. Save COMPOSER work
  17. File/Browse Page
  18. Test links
  19. Copy links from BROWSER VIEW not from COMPOSER
  20. Open email client (Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.)
  21. Paste links into body copy
  22. Send Links