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View How to Lock Fare Components - Preventing Changes


How to Lock Fare Components - Preventing Changes

It is common practice to add, remove, or adjust surcharges, taxes, and discounts, as a business grows and changes.  As these fare components are adjusted in your Hudson configuration, they will typically take effect immediately upon enabling.  All new reservations entered from this point forward will have the new rules applied to fare components and fare calculations.   Reservations entered prior to the change typically are NOT effected, unless they are opened for review or edit. In this case, fare components may be recalculated and fares adjusted to include the new charges. Most often, this is an undesireable practice, as clients who may have been quoted a specific fee or fare at the time of booking will see a different fare charged at the time of travel; resulting in a potential customer service concern.

Effective with HWeb Admin version 1.89h, an enhancement has been added that allows you to "lock down" fare components so that reservations made before a fare component adjustment are not changed. 

To set a Fare Component Override:

Login to HWeb Admin

Browse to  General Functions > Fare Components > Set fare component override

Adjust the following fields as desired:
  • Pickup date (greater/equal): ~ When you wish to apply the override to reservations where the pickup is on or after this specific date.
  • Res. date (less than):  ~ When you wish to apply the override to reservations that were entered or recorded BEFORE this date.
  • Update speed:  ~ Normal, Faster, Fastest should be fine. Select Normal if you have a very large number of reservations to be adjusted or if running at "Faster" or "Fastest" effects your server performance. 
  • Select fare component:  ~ Select from the drop list, the fare component (charge, discount, etc.) that you wish to "lock" or override.
  • Res number:  ~  Enter a single reservation number in this field if you wish to apply the override to a single reservation only.  If this item is selected, the date options above may be left to the default - current date.

When the fields above have been set,  select and click the "Execute" button at the base of the screen.  The desired Fare Component Override will be applied to the appropriate reservation(s).

This information is referenced in the Hudson Release Tracker: component/A/274

HWeb Admin: added an enhancement to set a fare component override for reservations made before a user selected date with pickups after a user selected date. This option assists to allow reservation surcharges and discounts that were calculated at with old rules to be "locked down" to honor the old rules.