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View How to Use Mark Paid Feature and Create a Payment Summary

Category:HWeb Agent

How to Use Mark Paid Feature and Create a Payment Summary at the end of a work shift.

Using Mark Paid and Payment Summary Features

Many Hudson clients mantain staff at a Reservation Desk or Airport Booth where clients walk up, make new reservations or check in for pre-booked travel. In many of these instances, the transportation company staff will collect a travel voucher, credit card, check, cash or other method of payment for the travel.  At the end of their work shift, the transportation company staff may wish (or be required) to produce a Payment Summary, indicating the amount collected from travellers during their shift. This information is useful in reconciling what should be on hand with what is physically present in the "cash drawer" at the end of the day.  If the customer service representative was accurate and complete when collecting payment and was setting reservations as Mark Paid, then the Hudson Payment Summary report should be correct and accurate.

Using the Mark Paid feature

In the Hudson system, when someone collects payment directly from a client for an existing reservation, they can use the Mark Paid feature to indicate that payment was received. It is a very quick and simple process, but may vary depending upon your company policy, setup and configuration.

Open the Reservation in HWeb Agent.
  1. Press/hold the CTRL key and then M (CTRL + M)
    1. or:  go to the Payments Tab and click Mark Paid button.
    1. or: within dispatcher, if configured, right click the reservation and select Mark Paid
  2. You may see a single or round trip details, depending upon your system configuration.
  3. You can check / un check the reservations you are collecting for.
  4. The Amount Due will be displayed along with the Amount Paid.
  5. Edit or adjust the Amount Paid as appropriate.
  6. The payment method will be automatically loaded from the original reservation(s) but may be changed here if needed.
  7. Use the Additional Billing Details field for Voucher or Ticket Numbers, etc.
  8. Click the Mark Paid button at the bottom of the window after payment has been received from client.

Once the Mark Paid button has been pressed, your system will usually display a Payment Confirmation number which then disappears.  Depending upon your specific setup, your system might automatically generate a payment receipt, or you may be presented with the option of printing a receipt manually, if needed or desired.  If receipts are printed (automatically or manually) for security reasons, they may not usually be printed a second time. This however can be overriden with a Supervisory user access privelege.

Note: The person currently logged into HWeb Agent will get the "credit" for accepting payment from a traveller. If multiple Agents are using a single computer workstation to Mark Paid reservations, then the payment summary report will display payments collected by that workstation and not necessarily each agent using the machine.  In order to get separate Payment Summary reports for each Agent, then each staff member must have their own instance of HWeb Agent running, and they must use only that instance when Marking Paid any reservations.  In this case, running two reports, once for each agent, should then indicate the total amount collected and present in the cash drawer. 

To produce a Payment Summary for the currently logged in Agent

From HWeb Agent, locate the Menu Bar at the top and select
Tools \ Agent Tools \ Payment Summary
  Adjust the starting Date / Time if needed (generally defaults to current date).
  Report Type =
Normal (formatted to print on 8.5 x 11 inch paper)
Narrow (formatted to print on standard receipt printer paper ~ 3 inches wide)

  Summary - if left unchecked, the report will include listing of reservation numbers with payment amounts and types.  If checked, reservation details will not be listed.