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View How to send bulk email confirmations from Dispatcher Grid

Category:HWeb Dispatcher

Sending bulk email confirmations from Dispatcher Grids

There are several instances when it may be desirable to send email confirmations to a list of clients, all of whom are displayed in a Reservations Grid in HGTS Dispatcher. A couple examples of this might include: following import of an external manifest,  a reminder confirmation one day prior to client travel, sending updated information to a group or convention attendees, or sending a post-travel followup survey.  This process can be made more powerful in that by embedding one HotKey inside another, you can actually perform multiple actions with a single mouse click. For example: Send an email confirmation and change the “confirmed with” status to “Email Confirmation Sent”.

Performing the steps below requires some advanced knowledge, including how to build custom grids, configure HotKeys and email templates.  These items won’t be covered here, but the steps necessary to bring them all together will be.  If you are a client trying to set this up in your system and need assistance, please contact Hudson TechSupport.

Reservations Grid

In this example, we will assume that we already have a Reservations Grid constructed that shows us future reservations (perhaps for the next day or two), where the Operation=Normal (not cancelled), a primary email address is displayed, and the Confirmed With column is displayed.

Codes Table

We are creating a new Reservation Confirmed With Status that is not included in the default list. In this case, we need to go into the Codes Table and add a code “E” which will have the description: Email Confirmation Sent. Note: The code “E” will be used in our HotKey parameter string configured below.

Email Template

In this scenario, we will be taking a group of reservations that have all been imported via CSV import and then sending out a “WebTicket”  voucher / boarding pass to all of the imported reservations.  If not already created, you will need to go into your Template Configuration and create an Alias, along with the various match keys that will determine under which conditions this WebTicket will be sent. Note: The template Alias “WebTicket” will also be used in the HotKey parameter string below.

Configure HotKey

In HotKey configuration, create New HotKey:
System Profile: “any” or “default” or other as appropriate
Record Type: Dispatcher Action Menu
Group Name: Send Confirmation (or other descriptive)
Caption: Send Web Ticket & Confirmed (or similar)
Priority: 1
Function: Send Document
Function Parameters:

HK Components:

AutoSelect=1  Sets the address to be used as the primary email from the reservation. Other options are available here and outlined in the Hudson Release Tracker:—-&user;_id=&version_id=ALL

EmailTemplate=WebTicket  Defines the confirmation template “alias” that should be sent. This alias may change depending on the type of document you are sending. The aliases may be found in your template configuration area.

QUIET  This setting suppresses the email dialog box that typically displays each time the system sends an email. By enabling this feature, you will be able to highlight from one to many records and when the Send Action is performed, the dialog window will NOT open for each reservation.

_NEWHOTKEY_Action=77  This item basically invokes another HotKey action within this HotKey. The value that appears after the Action= can be any one of a very long list.  The list of all configurable actions may be found here: Embedded HotKey Functions and Actions  NOTE: Not all actions may be supported!  In this scenario, Action 77 is the one that Sets the Reservation Confirmed With Status.

PARAMVAL=E,mode=0  Is the followup to the new embedded HotKey. In this case we are telling the system which confirmed with status value we want:  “E” is the Codes Table value from above, that corresponds to “Email Confirmation Sent”.  This value can be replaced with some other value from the same list of Codes Table values.

Grid Updates and Usage

Before you can actually use the new HotKey functionality in your grid, you need to update the Grid Properties of the original Reservations Grid we created earlier.  Open the Grid and then select Grid Properties > Custom Menus.  In one of the available drop lists, select the HotKey Group name you used in the Configure HotKey step above (e.g. Send Confirmation).  Save the changes to the grid.

To use the function you have just created, you may want to enter a few test reservations with email addresses that you have the ability to check and track. Then select from one to many records in your Reservations Grid. Right click on one of the highlighted records and select the configured HotKey function (e.g. Send Confirmation).  The system should send out the email confirmation to all addresses (without any pop-up email dialogs) and also change the Confirmed With status to “Sent Email Confirmation.”

In the event this did NOT work correctly, then enable AppDebug in your Log Trace Options.  Repeat the highlight and send confirmation action. Check your application log for any errors or misconfigured items and adjust as needed.