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View Hudson Adds Voice Talent to it's List of Services


Hudson Adds Voice Talent to it’s List of Services

Whenever possible, you are always trying to put your best foot forward and making a positive, professional impression on your clients.  Your printed materials, your website, your vehicles and  your staff all need to exude profesionalism and have to engender client trust and loyalty.
The Hudson Group realizes the importance of the impression your clients receive when they call your office.  If your telephone system is automated, then it is very important that the message your callers hear is inviting and compelling as well as clear, concise and confident.  By adding professional voice services to its suite of client services,
Hudson comes just a bit closer to being a one-stop center for all our clients’
business needs.

Hudson has retained the services of Joe LoGiudice, a professional voice talent based in Boston. Joe is widely recognized for his voice commercials that air throughout New England as well as other parts of the county.  Joe is the voice of Logan Airport. He is the one who tells about travelers about parking in no parking zones, not leaving your bags unattended, how to get in and around the airport and is the official voice of welcome to arriving domestic and international travelers. His voice is soothing, confident, enthusiastic and easy to understand.

It doesn’t stop at Logan Airport. Joe has also recorded commercials for the Boston Red Sox, Comcast,, Nextel,  local restaurants, and many more national and Boston area businesses. 

Through a special arrangement with The Hudson Group, Joe has agreed to record business telephone answering options for Hudson clients at competitive group rates. All charges will be added to your next Hudson statement. 

Further, if you are in need of a voice talent for a radio spot, he will record your message in his professional studio, using state of the art equipment, and then send you the final results on a CD, DVD, via email, or other media.

If you would like to hear a snippets of items Joe has already recorded professionally, please download and listen to the 30 second mp3 demo file attached to this article.

Ready to discuss your business needs?  Contact