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View Hudson Hosted Server Stops Responding After Time

Category:Web Reservation System

Hudson Hosted Server Stops Responding After Time

If your HWeb reservation and dispatching system is hosted on an online Hudson Server, you may notice that the screen freezes, goes blank, or turns black after a period of inactivity.  When you then move the mouse or click on the window, you are prompted to relogin again to the Server with your password.

This may be the result of a screen saver setting in the display properties of the Hudson Server desktop. The setting is configured for each login account, so it is possible to have this happen with some, but not all, of your company login accounts.

To resolve this problem:
Login to the Hudson Server with the ID and password that has the problem.
Right Click anywhere in the open (blue) area of the Windows Desktop.
Left Click on Properties.
Click the Screen Saver Tab.
Change the Screen Saver Type to NONE.
Save and exit the Properties window.

Your problem should be resolved….If not, please contact Hudson Tech Support.